Personal Services & COVID-19

With the emergence of COVID-19 we have all had to adapt to a new normal – “living with COVID”. Below we have gathered a set of links to key information that affects Canadian beauty professionals; from general information to provincial specifics. Stay happy, stay safe & remember you are part of a caring & loving community.

– Team ABA

PPE Supplies

Find PPE suppliers in your area for your beauty establishment.

PPE Page

Federal & Provincial Updates

Click the first button below to find links to important updates and regulations organized by province.  Click the second button to be taken to the Federal Site.

Provincial Updates Page
Federal Updates Page

Industry COVID Surveys

Get the data from national surveys conducted by the ABA during COVID-19.  Learn what is happening to your industry nationally and by province.  Click the button below.

Surveys Page


Informational documents created by the ABA and professional & corporate members during COVID-19.

Documents Page
man with face mask

Social Distancing Etiquette

Relevant videos on proper social distancing behaviors; including how to get & make reusable masks from the WHO.

COVID Etiquette Page