Fiore + Greco Design Inc.

Fiore + Greco Design Inc.
190 Pippin Road , Vaughan, Ontario L4K 4X9, Canada
Listing Description

Fiore + Greco is an interior design firm with a passion for working in the beauty industry. While our firm works on all kinds of residential and commercial projects, we have become especially recognized for our interior designs for salons and spas.

In a highly competitive beauty industry, a well-designed space with carefully chosen furnishings and professional equipment gives you an edge in the marketplace, attracting customers and helping you build a more profitable business.

After hundreds of completed salon + spa designs, our team of experienced designers have earned the appreciation of our clients for our unique blend of exceptional design, originality, and practicality.

Though we work on projects of all types and sizes, our work in the beauty industry has given us a reputation for being able to take the principles of interior design and apply them to the special requirements of the salon atmosphere.