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Revel in Beauty 2020

With a global pandemic together with our site provider (the MTCC), we have been reviewing recommendations from Federal, Provincial and Municipal authorities and communicating with our Exhibitors, Demonstrators, Educators, Speakers, Competitors and Attendees regarding COVID-19. As a result, the Allied Beauty Association has made the decision to cancel Revel in Beauty originally scheduled to be held on April 5th and 6th 2020.

Revel in Beauty 2019

Over 150 exhibitors, 3 stages, 18 Main Stage numbers, 20 conferences, 12 competitions, dozens of look and learn classes, #MyABA Marketplace, Business District, Next in Beauty, Game-On Pavilion, Barber Alley, Beauty World, After Party and much more… 2 full days of non-stop activities!

April 14th and 15th 2019, we all Reveled in Education, Reveled in Hairdressing, Reveled in Barbering, Reveled in Business, Reveled in Competitions, Reveled in Networking, Reveled in Career Building, Reveled in Discovery, Reveled in Play.

Revel in Beauty 2018

REVEL in Beauty 2018, was an all new event experience for beauty professionals powered by the Allied Beauty Association.

This all new event concept featured TWO MAIN STAGES running all day on both show days, featuring talented influencers from all across the globe. These talents included Larisa Love, Naeemah Lafond, Platinum Perfection, Luis Alvarez and the Pulp Riot team. Revel in Beauty still included our beloved ABA competitions, as well as more than 20 educational classes in barbering, beauty and business.

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