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North American Artist, Goldwell


Michelle’s almost 40 years in the industry at both a business leader and competition and platform artist gives her a global perspective to the keys to being a successful beauty professional. Her belief in finding your authentic passion and purpose and the “why” we do what we do, is behind her nurturing and positive teaching style. Inspiration is infectious and success flows to those who learn how to channel it.

Goldwell North American Artist with 39 Years’ Experience.

Winner of 9 Contessa Awards
3 Time Master Colorist Of The Year
4 Time Canadian Colorist Of The Year
Texture Hairdresser Of The Year
British Columbia Hairdresser Of The Year

Other Awards
Beauty Council Canadian Icon Award
Beauty Council Chic Style Award
Mirror Award for BC Hairdresser Of The Year
3 Time Canadian Gold Color Zoom Winner
Behind The Chair Color Award

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