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Sophia Iannantuono’s true passion has always been focused on education. She is the founder of LOV Hairdressing Academy, St-Laurent Trends Luxury salon in Laval and co-owner of LOV Hairdressing salons (Mirabel, Ste-Dorothée and Val-des-Brises).

Shortly after completing her Bachelor’s degree in Education from McGill University, she decided to follow her dream and start a career in the Hairdressing Industry. Her desire to excel made her a sought-after trainer for competitions and year after year, gave her students a place at various podiums across the country. She is a dedicated member of the Allied Beauty Association and its previous Master Judges Program of Canada.

“Through coaching others, we discover the multitude of possibilities”

A senior member of Team Canada in Russia, winner of many prestigious competitions, published artist, celebrity hairdresser and most of all, the talent of rendering complex concepts into simple knowledge.

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Her mission is to bring up the standards of quality and professionalism in the Hairdressing Industry. What she has learnt throughout the years as a school and salon owner, is that the pursuit of excellence is a process that is in constant evolution, especially today, in our fast-paced lifestyle.

She always looks forward to furthering confidence behind the chair by better understanding the fundamental principles and multiple innovations of our Hairdressing Industry. She wishes to congratulate all the participants of the ABA Hair Challenge. It is with much honor that she will do her best to support the future of the Industry!

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