The response has been overwhelming with over 170 letters sent so far!

The comments below have been pouring in over the last few days. We ask our government to listen to what our members are saying!

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“Closing businesses only adds to a stressful time. People have invested money and time to follow protocol. We’ve already lost three months of revenue this year. Perhaps all the politicians would like to give up 3 months salary then have their income refused for the foreseeable, then be threatened to have no income again. Ridiculous.”

Belleville, Ontario

“I am a single operator (hairdresser) in my salon. Everybody is alone only with me. I always wear a mask and face shield and clean up after they leave. I give everyone 1 1/2 hours so no one ever crosses another client.”

Toronto, Ontario

“We take client safety very seriously and until it is proven that Covid transmission is happening in the salons, then it is essential that we stay open.”

Ottawa, Ontario

“We are working so hard to keep our environment safe. One on one. You can’t do better then that.”

St. Thomas, Ontario

“We take client safety very seriously and until it is proven that Covid transmission is happening in the salons, then it is essential that we stay open.”

Ottawa, Ontario

“We have worked hard and spent thousands on extra PPE and Covid strategies – all while losing thousands. Some days having one or two clients – we need to stay open.  We are compliant and go above and beyond with safety measures.”

Sooke, British Columbia

“It doesn’t make sense that schools can have children there without masks, and businesses are allowed to be selling non-essential items, yet salons where cases have been seriously low are being forced to shut.

We had 2 people come into our salon to check for Covid protocols, they came in looked at the desk and said OK looks like you know what you’re doing; they didn’t even look around, but maybe if they had, they would see that salons are SAFE!”

Keswick, Ontario

“We are clean, sanitized, masked and one at a time customer in salon per hairdresser with  6 metre distance! There have been no correlation or virus contact in a salon setting!

My family counts on me for financial support!”

Ottawa, Ontario

“We need to stay open to survive. Closing us down will be the end of our business.”

Sudbury, Ontario

“Since our reopening of hair salons on June 12 until now, I have worked on 462 clients and I have had 0/no positive covid-19 cases. We take 15 mins to clean and disinfectant before and after every client; we sanitize the shampoo sinks after every use; I wear a face shield, protective apron, level 1 non medical masks; every client is screened prior to entering with temperature checks and hand sanitizer at the front entrance; and our stations are 6 feet apart from one another. Our salon is deemed low risk by our local health inspectors.”

Barrie, Ontario

“My salon in Cambridge, Ontario has spent so much on PPE and anything and everything to keep everyone safe. We have had no staff of client test positive or be on contact with anyone who tested positive!! We are being so careful! Please keep us open!”

Cambridge, Ontario

“I have been a hairstylist for almost 20 years and am currently working from home. My family relies on my job flexibility and so do my clients that are like family to me. I know we can operate in a very safe manner and if a Walmart or an airport can be open then there’s no way myself and my one client at a time in my home salon are more dangerous to society than those establishments.”

North Perth, Ontario

“Keep Salons Open!”

Hamilton, Ontario

“Please let salons stay open. There were no Covid cases in Toronto’s salons so far. I only work on one client at a time and there is no other person in the salon. Instead of lock down, limit the number of clients in the salon. That way, I can at least pay my rent.”

Toronto, Ontario

“We are in the same battle as you! COVID-19. Disinfection, distancing, plexiglass separation between workstations, and face covers at all times. This whole process requires current investment and other (unrecoverable) investments for the future as you should know.

A hairstyle is good for people’s morale, feeling good, loving yourself when you look at your reflection in the mirror! Also the hairdresser who performs his work has immediate satisfaction, an instant gratification. In other words, it’s good for both parties.

During the first closure, nervousness, anxiety, stress, plus everyday personal and commercial expenses took over, to the point of sending me to the emergency hospital believing that I was having a heart attack and other problems! It’s very difficult not to work!!!

We beg you to leave us open for the health of us all!”

Brossard, Quebec

“Please keep salons open to help other clients with their needs and concerns. There are so many successful hair salons that are taking precautions with Covid-19 and knowing they can be safely open.”

Vaughan, Ontario

“Stylists and assistants are trained in sanitization. As a salon owner I hold us to a higher standard than required. Hospital grade cleaners, many changes to schedules and operating hours to space out appointments and keep exposure to a minimum. This has cost us thousands of dollars but we do it so we stay open. Our staff and customers are kept safe and our 17 staff can stay at work. We do not deserve to be closed again.”

Rockland, Ontario

“I’m a hairstylist and have been doing this for a long time. I’m very disappointed with the way we have been treated by our leaders. We at work have been very professional. We have taken every precaution to maintain the salons open. I have struggled since March 2020. I work in Toronto and in 9 months i’ve only worked 4/5 months due to having to shut down.

And today is December 17th and haven’t heard anything from our leaders about opening up, but yet the Beer Store and LCBO are OPEN!! Truly SAD. I guess my clients will have drive 30/40 minutes away from the city to be able to fix their hair for the holidays. I hope I don’t lose them all!!! How do I pay the bills, food, taxes, and so on with $450 a week?”

Toronto, Ontario

“Feeling really picked on. We followed all the protocols plus and you still shut us down. You thanked us and 10 days later you kicked us in the teeth. So many hair salons are not going to be opening again really sad.”

Calgary, Alberta

“I am a business owner and stylist. We cannot afford to be closed again. The small businesses fell through the cracks. If you have no payroll, no employees then you didn’t qualify for business help. I had to give up my salon location of almost 15 years and move my business home. 

There have been no cases that have come from salons. We are being incredibly careful and following all protocols. Please don’t shut down salons!”

Orleans, Ontario

“Beyond my control my shop has been closed. We did not have any incidents of any infection in our shop but the lack of traffic going to work, working in the downtown core, and walking past on the way home. This was out walkin traffic. No longer as the downtown has died from lack of people working in the offices. Our shop was down greater than 30%. Not a viable business. Now closed down. I have teamed up with another salon to maintain the few clients left. Please, the salons are clean, they are screening their clients, wearing their masks, and doing one client at a time.

Please keep our salons open, we are doing our part, and keeping the clients in a parasympathetic state by providing essential services for their well being.  Yes we are essential for their mental health. In all my years I have never seen the state of clients so in need of professional touch. When you have your services, take a moment and reflect on all we do for you. The touch on the shoulder, the scalp massage,  the final look, the smile. Essential.

Please keep our salons open. For your sake.”

St. Catharines, Ontario

“Most of us following the laws, keep social distance, get client’s information when they arrive at the salon. We do much less clients than before, cleaning after each client, hand sanitizers always. I feel more nervous going to Doctors/Chiropractors. Never seen they cleaned the chairs there and Grocery Stores they never ask your information or check your temperatures. I feel much safer going to the Salon especially the small one less staff.”

Kitchener, Ontario

“My small salon has been operating since allowed to do so in June 2020 with only one client at a time and strict disinfecting  protocol. Now that we are shut down again it is devastating for our small businesses and not fair when large department stores can be open.

Please allow salons to open with safe health guidelines that we are all practicing.”

Toronto, Ontario

“As a whole, personal care has managed to almost have zero exposures and zero outbreaks. We are clean and safe and nowhere near as busy as the big box stores that are allowed to stay open. We have shown you we can operate safely and you now need to recognize it. KEEP SALONS OPEN!!!”

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“Salons & restaurants and other small businesses are NOT where COVID is being spread. PLEASE don’t bankrupt the economy by closing small businesses. They are obeying rules, practicing all safe measures and restricting numbers of customers. Put more patrol on large parties and large family gatherings, over crowded bars, etc. We need to work!”

Parkhill, Ontario

“The clients in our business know we are following all protocols and look forward to sharing their personal time with us to help them cope or share their worlds.

We are essential to every profession and support all.”

London, Ontario

“Salons in Alberta has had ZERO COVID cases emerge. I find it very unfair that salons are forced to close when again they’ve had ZERO cases.

Let us hard working middle class go back to work and help stimulate the economy, put food on our tables, feed our family and also help out other small businesses.”

Calgary, Alberta

“We’ve been very vigilant and our records indicate that we are not transmitting the virus in salons!”

Laval, Quebec