Enough with the hot air!

Thousands of hard working professionals working in the beauty and personal care industry want to get back to work!
Sign up below and join us each Wednesday as we stand together to send a message to our leaders.


1.  Sign up using the form on the right to show your support!

2.  Show your support virtually by sharing the hashtag #RedBalloonWednesdays.
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3.  Take part in RED BALLOON WEDNESDAYS by tying a red balloon up
at your salon, home or on a tree in support of these hard working professionals!

We encourage you to take down your balloon after Wednesday &
dispose of it properly.

4. Sign the SAVE OUR SALONS petition now & let your Premier hear from you!

5.  Invite your friends & family to take part!

Salons supporting #RedBalloonWednesdays:

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