Our barbershop has been locked down for seven months. we need to go back to work to pay our bills and feed our families. The beauty industry has been leaders in hygiene protocols even before covid-19.

Open hair salons, barbershops, nail salons and spas we are all essential!!!!

end the longest lockdown in north America.

I got no support as a new salon! No grants!
Lift the spirits of all by reopening hair salons!
How it possible that I can go to Costco or Walmart with 100 other people who touch multiple items as they move down the aisles, or aren't maintaining the required minimum distance from me, yet we can't get a haircut with 6 other clients in the salon who are separated with plexiglass and are seated across the room, and touch nothing that I would need to come in contact with?
Hair salons need to be higher up in the reopening phases. They are naturally six feet apart. Self esteem is part of good mental health. Why can't we get our hair done, but we can sit at a table at a restaurant, go into other stores where we are closer than six feet.
Be sensible about reopening businesses.
I am with my peers and the industry and support #redballoonwednesday initiative.
This decision has not LOGIC!!!….No data to support this ridiculous decision which is impacting so many small businesses!….Please open up salons!!!
This is completely ridiculous as other venues with at least much more contacts are already opened. This type of service should have not been closed for so long. Look at other provinces and take examples if you have to.
I support The Salons getting back to work.
Our hair salon put a lot of money into putting up plexi glass partitions. They take your temp. ask all pertinent questions before entering. Limited customers far apart.

The place is cleaned and sanitized in between clients. There is no reason in the world why salons should not be open when they strictly adhere to this.

Ford you need to change your thinking about hair salons and support the essential need for people to get haircuts!!! This is not rational or fair to our salon personnel or customers.

Considering the amount of cleaning they have to do between clients, making it so that they can only take about HALF the number of clients as before, or less, the fact that they have to keep records of EVERYONE who has entered their salon/barber shop/spa/studio as well as other measures, I whole heartedly believe that these establishments are being unfairly restricted in the current Pandemic measures! They won't get to re-open until JULY, and considering that they can't really do curbside sales the same way 'non-essential retail' has been able to do this whole time, these professionals are HURTING! Some of the people who come to see them ONLY get personal care services when from these establishments, including our Elderly population (aren't we supposed to be trying to put them first?!?!) I will not be flying an actual #redballoon outside the store to create awareness for this campaign (as I do not agree with the environmental/wildlife damage they create), but I do encourage you to repost with me every Wednesday to keep up awareness for these occupations. If salons/barbershops/spas in your area are selling some of the retail items they carry, purchase from them if you can and get on their waiting list (then be patient during their booking and re-opening process) to make sure they have business waiting for them when they are able to be up and running again!
Salons are not the problem. Our government has let us down inso many ways. Many of us can't even get EI or CRB. I was told by my local MP to apply for Ontario Works. It's just not right!

We ARE essential and should be recognized as such!

Let us open and at least try to recover our livelihood and our self worth

Just want to go back to work……..
Our salon business need protection now, since 2019 to until today our vision statement unclear because pandemic Covid 19. We loss over 150.000$ until today.
Personal care is very important @ this time it is food for the mind .We have all been locked up far to long for mental health. I am sure the health department did not see any number of COVID diagnosis found from getting personal care.Most of these businesses were being very cautious. I feel just being able to get a hair cut can do a lot for a persons mental health.Everyone has given up a lot. Why are we adding this extra stress on our population
Let salons back to work.They are the cleanest places ever
It's unfair to destroy salons. I'm a new small business and completely get it. I feel for new salons that didn't get government support because they were new in 2020 like myself. Zero support available We should ignore Ford and move forward. Take the ticket and take them to court after. Families are hungry and indent from this. Shut down Big box as that's the spreader.
We are one of the highest trained industries in sanitation. Stop killing our business. We will not survive this.
Supporting our Profession is vital. Even though we are fortunate enough to be back at work, we ALL should be working.
Thanks For Redballoonwednes Days For Support to the beauty and personal care industry, Ahmed Hazim, owner of Flawless Hair And Spa, the beauty and personal care industry you want to get back to work in this Covid-19 rise! I am with you because we need that we all face this bad time together.
I am close to retirement , but feel sorry for workers out their,. Just opening salons to people still making a go. Doing this for 42 years , just don't understand where we from our taught years to training we always was on top of keeping up with sterilization, barbicide, big one. Just keep number down of people entering the shop. Yes , underground business going happen. Going hit a loss. , unfortunately.
Thank you for doing this
I can honestly say that my salon maintained standards above covid protocol. They took only one client at a time, wearing masks and using sanitizer. They even implemented sanitized payment protocols. During covid I suffered a heart attack and stroke leaving my dexterity compromised. Having my hair cut would have made my life a lot easier, not to mention feeling better about myself. I know many think salon services are for vanity reasons, I would totally disagree. Going to the salon is like therapy, where we can confide/discuss our life issues. I know very well it would have been a great help in my recovery not only physically but emotionally.
Please open us back up we are essential! Good personal hygiene is important for both health and social reasons. It entails keeping your hands, head and body clean so as to stop the spread of germs and illness. Your personal hygiene benefits your own health and impacts the lives of those around you, too.
We need haircuts
Let us go back to work. Our bills are piling up and not to mention I'm getting taxed to death for my cerb benefits.
I am so tired of every thing being closed these people of Personal care services and the non essential business as the (goverment says) need to be back to work they have families to take care of . They have rent to pay or mortgages. USA is back to normal whats wrong with Canada . LET THEM OPEN UP THEY TOOK ALL SORTS OF SAFETY PRECAUTIONS. SO LET THEM GO BACK TO WORK . THAT'S WHY THERE IS SO MUCH ABUSE AT HOME PEOPLE ARE FIGHTING GETTING DIVORCED BECAUSE THEY NEED TO GO BACK TO WORK THESE PEOPLE HAVE A LIFE . LET THEM GET BACK TO THERE LIFES NOW NOT WHEN EVER . YOU HAVE LOTS OF MONEY BUT THESE PEOPLE DONT . SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE LOST THEIR BUSINESS BECAUSE OF THIS COMPLETE LOCK DOWN .
I'm supporting the above salon as a client of 10 years
It's time to open up salons! This can be done safety.
It's time we were taken seriously as a industry and let our businesses be open and stay open. Many people have lost their business in the beauty industry or gone without financial stability for months. Our industry is safe and we have followed all safety protocols that were mandated from the start. It's time to open up and stop the lockdowns!

Stephanie Darby- Prickett

Thank you for your support! Trying to get my little town to do this today. Goid luck at Queens Park.


Enough is enough
Enough is enough!!!
I am a professional hairdresser.

I have purchased everything and more to keep my clients and myself safe.

I need to be working. have taken the CERB and I now owe the government money back. Please let me open my doors.

salon need to reopen, this isn't fair. we aren't the cause of covid.
Salons can operate safely. Please allow them to reopen soon!
Can't wait to open up!!!
Need the salon open…feel safer there than anywhere.
100% agreed , unfortunately the system has failed our industry and to be honest I feel our hard work in retaining clients for many years, won't go back to its norm any more and we have to start all over again 🙁
Open these businesses already. Enough is enough.
Enough is enough!! Listen to the data! Closing business only creat bankruptcy, unemployment, and mental health issues.
Obviously the government officials, eventhough they seem to think they know enough about us to regulate our profession, they have no clue otherwise we would be opened. We are probably one of the most sterile/ sanitary/ disinfected/ non-infectious places to be!!! Christine Elliot is not a good source consulting on these issues.
What happened to the first rally??
We support this initiative fully as these Lock Downs must end.
Thank you ABA for standing up! What can we do to help you? We can bring the Infection Control Education RV anywhere you like – just give me a call 604-679-5750 or
This salon has followed all the rules and guidelines and is a totally safe environment and should be allowed to reopen.
Let people have their jobs back. You have NO RIGHT TO RUIN OUR LIVES!!
Enough is enough people need to work and get some what bad to the way thing were !!!!!!
Stop starving our beauty workers!
Can't believe that Personal Care is not a priority in these unprecedented times….both the mental and physical aspect of trying to look and feel good about ones self is crucial to people's every day life and especially while we go through our present situation!!
Diana Reid, who owns Yorkville East, has taken COVID very seriously. She provides a safe, clean environment, including an Air Purifier, Disposable Masks, and separate spaces for clients. It is safer to go to her salon than it is to go to the doctor's office! She wears a mask the entire time she is in her salon, and is diligent about taking all COVID precautions and contact information.
Please open salons. These hard working people have been out of work too long. They follow all the Covid rules and I feel safe going there.
I have impressed with how much caution and care both these salons have taken for customers to maintain safety from Covid 19. They went over and above. Hairdressers have talent and it is not a craft that can be replaced by amateurs. Trust me, I tried over the last year. I also find my visits therapeutic and a de-stressing. We can't afford to lose stylists and their businesses to this pandemic. Please let them open. Especially in communities where Covid cases are a small fraction of the population.

I have been on the front lines as a caseworker keeping people with special needs and dual diagnosis housed and safe over the last year. I truly understand the impact of Covid 19. I support vaccination and masks and every other protocol to keep the community safe. I understand the need to do shutdowns. However, once case numbers go down and vaccinations increase, I hope we can open up for hair service and make sure livelihoods are not destroyed.

Enough. You talk about depression. Well a sense of well being,is certainly about how we look which most definately affects our mood.

Help us feel pretty not dowdy

We need our salons open…….they follow covid protocol better than a lot of places
BEAUTY is essential and so are the workers!!
Stop closing hair salons! Enough! We all need this essential service in order to keep our mental health stable!
Salons should not be closed! Enough stopping these care services from providing much needed services!
They are very well trained In their field and have many precautions in place. The risk is much lower in a salon than it is in many businesses that are open!
Thanks to Ford lack of leadership and problem solving skills my salon was shut down in my third year of business. Salons were given the new protocol for covid upon reopening last summer, there was absolutely no difference in these new requirements from what we were already required to do by health and safety standards. We are trained professionals and have all the tools to disinfect and keep salons a safe place. This was proven by the fact that there was barely any cases in the beauty industry, so other than attacking small, mostly women led businesses like salons, I dont see why we have been shut down throughout this whole pandemic. Oh but he can get his hair cut…
Enough is enough. Open the spas and salons.
Open up hair salons!!!! They follow all the protocols and are far safer than most other places that have been open the whole lockdown! Not to mention what they add to people's mental well being!!!
Hair Stylists should be allowed to go back to work in step one of reopening Ontario. They have followed all safety regulations and have had every thing in place to keep staff and clients safe and still are being left out in step 1.
Children say to mom.: Mom what are we eating today? I don't know children I am a hairdresser, I am not essential.
Amber is my daughter. She is a hairstylist who has her business in her home. She is also a single Mom of 6. She has had to close most of this last year! We have lost all the trust we once had for Doug Ford! He should not be allowing his medical team to run our country and most personal care businesses into the ground!
We have been neglected and passed over long enough with little to know support in anyway by our government. Now it's the time for better support or better yet, allow us to open!
All of our staff have gone through, including our support staff have gone through mandatory 5.5 hours of training. 85% of our staff have were vaccinated in April – we are more than ready. This is Personal – we want to bring out staff back. Tired of Blackmarket working around us, with no government intervention. We have our business license, we have stringent COVID protocols, PPE, training, we need to get back to work. Our sector has been ignored. We need extra funding and support. Over 186 days closed.
My salon put 1000$ into protocol. They are shut down since November. It's devistating to a small business
Stop being so single minded and support these small businesses
Please open beauty and personal care businesses. People depend on these businesses to keep their mental health in check. Plus they are cleaner than any big box store can ever be.
Needing a hair cut badly…looking like a bum. They are disinfecting and sanitizing long before covid was a thing..1 on 1 service…not large shopping mall crowds
Still not able to book an apt…or get hair colored, last time was Feb 2020, they are trained in disinfection and sanitation…I feel safer there 1 on 1 than in a line at a grocery store.
You really hate this much on a fresh hair cut?? Out a mask on like everyone else and openin up. Send them back to work
You can get a massage but not a haircut?

I'm in chronic pain daily and need massages but if we're trying to stop the spread.. that makes no sense

Open salons

One on one is safe! This is ridiculous. Dogs can get grooms but professionals can't. My boys need haircuts to look presentable at work. Enough is enough!
In this industry we are at a one on one client base. We keep track of every client we have and we have been taught on infection control. We pay for our license yearly and gave the right to work !!
You should also refund the fee they pay to be a licensed hair dresser in Ontario.
Beauty businesses such as hair snd nail salons can be open while still adhering to COVID protocols. They need business. And we need them for self care.
Hair salon owners are being unfairly treated. They have been shut down way too much. These people still have to pay for rent and other expenses but aren't making money. How are they expected to survive?
Please be fair to salons. It's safer than a lot of restaurants abd stores!!! Crazy that you won't let them open yet.
Every woman who goes to a salon is in dire need of their friends to get their job back Should. As much as they want it!??? Anyone frequently goes has enough of a braiy to Bide by the rules. Who ever is charge. WAKE up
Open salons back up!
Definitely unfair open our beauty salons
I am a small business owner with only one employee.. I have adjusted my work so that only one person is in the salon at one time .I truly feel that the burden of this pandemic is placed on our industry with no science to support your decisions .. we are the first to close the last to open .. people depend on some personal care interaction with their stylist . We do more than hair we provide a safe place for conversation.. and the revenue lost can not be replaced with the handouts .. it's not enough to sustain the expanse of our locations how long are we to blame for viral spread and not be essential. We are essential to our clients our community our families .. please give us back the freedom to make a living and do it safety this makes no sense
Open up salons.

It's ok to have restrictions on numbers allowed at one time, but good grief, let hairdressers work and make a living.

The beauty salons have done everything required to ensure their premises are safe for their clients in the fight against COVID 19. There is no data that shows that salons have been responsible for outbreaks of COVID in our communities. It's time to allow the salons to reopen especially in light of the fact that more and more people are being vaccinated. That is the whole point of the vaccination program; so that our lives can go back to normal.
Let's get the salons opened ASAP. It's pass time.
Open up the salons.
Please open the hair salon's
Open the salons before they go under. They cannot pay rent with no money coming in!
Please, let them open, they followed the rules set out by government and Health unit and much safer due the physical set up, safer than going to ANY store!
Not a salon owner or employee, but rather a client. Very unfair to salons and to clients. My salon was very diligent in following covid protocol, and should he considered to reopen earlier. Allowing golf courses to open this past weekend was clearly a political decision and although an outdoor activity, it is still not fair.
My hairdresser follows all rules laid out to have a safe work place.

Takes temperatures & asks health questions

Has invested in all equipment deemed essential

Only has one client at a time!

Sterilization, sanitation, following protocols and documentation of our services is what the beauty industry is all about. The industry relies on repeat clients and the industry values their clients. It's time for slow roll opening.
hair saloons are safe we wear masks and were the right distant apart
On behalf of my amazing spa partners in Southwestern Ontario, I stand with the ABA to show love and support to an industry that has been crushed by the Ford government's handling of Covid-19.
Thank you for taking a stand. As most of us get vaccinated, it is so frustrating to see them hold back the beauty industry when our data has shown that next to no cases came from salons.

Let's reopen Ontario!

This makes no sense at all. I am allowed to go shopping at our Superstore but not to get my hair cut where each hairdressing station is surrounded by plexiglass and they have PPE on. It makes no sense especially when as of yesterday we had 17 active cases in Thunder Bay. I hope you are subsidizing their businesses.
This is my sister salon i am supporting her to reopen
Closed down my business almost completely and have to stay home with my kids so they can do school, but government says I can't qualify for CERB and but also I can't go buy my kids school supplies or underwear or shoes, or anything my son with special needs is required.
This has already put one of my favourite spa's completely out of business. This is completely ludicrous. Make safe operation rules to follow, and like always, they will!
My fingers are crossed that the salon I have been going to for the last 20 years will be able to afford to open back up in the coming month. I am disappointed in the decisions made by our government targeting small businesses such as this one. They could have safely operated at a smaller capacity and put their own safety measures into place. As a teacher, I would have felt more safe in this salon, masked and safety distanced than I did working in a school.
Small town with next to no active cases. Let's just let the regular local clients return and not accept any new clients – and keep this business running.
Small town with next to no active cases. Open the salon and let's just let the regular clients visit – no new clients from out of town – and keep the business running.
It's time you take the handcuffs off personal care services…
It's stupid not to let them reopen as history shows they are not a source of covid spread
What you, Doug Ford, are doing to the hair and nail salons is absolutely ridiculous. I just cannot wrap my head around it. You needed a scapegoat and you chose them. Shame on you. I would LOVE to hear the bullshit reasoning behind this decision.
Open up hair salons and barber shops! They can work safely.
Open up hair salons and barber shops now! They can work safely!
Ridiculous that someone cannot work one on one and basically from behind you while viewing in a mirror.

A multitude of closer contact business open with lesser restrictions and much more direct contact.

open the salons
I do not own a salon. However I have family and many friends struggling to keep up with life.

Let them work! Please!!!

Open salons with proper parameters. These families have had no income for almost a year.
Personal care is important for a lot of people, and is causing a negative effect on people's mental health, especially when someone can't get a simple hair cut, while wearing a mask….yet people can go sit in a dental chair, mouth wide open, drooling, spitting, breathing…'s just not fair!!!
Ever since I found hairwright & co and my stylist Spence I have never been more happy and satisfied with a hairdress. I always leave happy they are so friendly and professional. They were did Covid check in including temperature reading at the customers car before ever getting close to the door.

They do they're job amazingly & deserve to come back

This can't possibly continue.
It's time ontario opens small business. Enough is enough!
There are many people in the service industry who are struggling, there are people who depend on pay checks to just get by! It's a mess what the government has done to these industries.
For heavens sake , let small businesses like private small hair salons and nail salons , open their business. They have all suffered enough and their services are paramount to opening the Ontario economy.
We can't do a one on one with masks to keep small businesses like hair salons open yet you can go to Costco and line up with many. Can't buy clothes but can buy fireworks. I am all for safety but rules are making no sense.
Open the salons
Please reopen our hair salons pls
Please reconsider letting salons open

They are one of the safest places people can visit!


I fully support this cause ! We need to come together!!

Red Balloon Wednesdays in full Effect! 🎈

Open everything up. Ditch the masks and social distancing.
Please open up for these people, there is never more than 2 or 3 in the Salon I go to.A very safe place as far as I'm concerned ,they wear all their ppe as well as their clients ,come on Ford let's do the right thing
Darlene provides perfect protection for her clientele. Come on Premier Ford….listen to the people who voted you in office.
Time to let the public back into shops enough is enough
Our elderly people in LTC and retirement homes are suffering from neglect due to closures of personal services. Some residents have not had haircuts since before Christmas. In the animal world this would be considered neglect.

Allow personal services to open, especially for our elderly.

Beauty Industry is essential to millions of people!!! It's much more essential than LCBO, Costco, WallMart !!!
Open the Salons!
Wicked Snips follows.your guidelines and has not had any covid cases as a result of them being open and to continue with their professions. Let them open and get along with their lives and we will all be beautiful again.
I'm in support of ending the strict lockdowns and opening up salons! They've done everything you've asked and are so very limited with numbers while big box stores continue to thrive. Your crushing this economy with your ridiculous lockdowns!
salons are not spreading covid, the salon I attend is pristine, they follow every every rule and beyond to guarantee costumers safety, you are causing financial distress to employees and disaster to owners, be reasonable, and listen to the people who are following the rules, there is reason we never got covid, we did the right thing now its your turn
Please help small businesses survive!
Please let these hard working professionals get back to work…. they were doing a amazing JOB at keeping everyone safe…
Support the small businesses with a large majority of female owners so they don't lose their businesses.
We know you are important and you will take care as you had done in the past when open.
Salons are safer than walmart!

This impacts women small business owners the most.

Please open
It's ridiculous that dogs can get hair cuts but people can't!!
I'm sooooo sick of beauty salons of any kind being clouded down! They can be just as safe if not SAFER than big box stores. No More Ford!!!
It's time to stop the salon discrimination in Ontario. Send us back to work or show us the science that says we are unsafe!
Open up the salons! Personal care and grooming should not be closed. This is disgusting.
Nothing is safer than this Salon. If I can get my teeth checked and scaled or my blood drawn, then surely I should be able to get my hair cut and coloured.
Much safer than the big box stores. Open them up! They need to live too!
I fell safer going to a salon for services with all the protocol they need to adhere to than I do going to get groceries or going to Costco.
Open up the salons. There is no data supporting they are spreaders of covid. Open up all of Canada. The health decisions are complete abuse of power and are killing more people from suicide, cancer, and poverty.
It's time to reopen!
I support many salon's!!
Please open our salons. We know that our local salons are private operators and an important part of commerce in our community. They take special care to follow sanitization protocols.
Since when is dog grooming more important then humans.
Our local salon Wicked snips has stronger protocols in place than Life labs. They are a hard working team who do everything with in their power and more to keep us safe. They need to be opened up and back in business now before we loose any more small businesses.
haircuts are not risky

haircuts are not optional. Its not about vanity.

Open salons for the mental health of all!
Please allow the salons to open. Your going to have a whole province of unhappy women. Not good sir!!
Salons are just as safe as big box stores.
You can get your teeth cleaned but not hair cut during public health restrictions. Both use proper PPE. That sounds like a political decision not based on science.
Allow salons to reopen … They are safe
I always felt really safe getting my hair done during the pandemic (when we weren't in lockdown) The extra cleaning measures, the mandatory mask wearing and the reduced number of customers permitted were only some of the safety measures. I would really like to see the salons opened before another few months pass. Thank you
I need a haircut, my daughter need's a haircut! We need to think about all the businesses that are not going to survive this pandemic. They are essential too.
I'm in dire need of a haircut. Its been way too long being able to go to the salon.
les coiffeuses/coiffeurs…les esthéticiennes…et tous les autres qui voient à nos soin sont plus professionnels que vous…ils ont fait des études…ils ont des des certifications…et vous avez quoi??? certainement pas mon vote!!!
Make Canada great again!
My hair dresser has strict protocols. More than Walmart,Gilf Courses, Costco.etc I feel safe going there. Plus they are hard works that need support.
Rhonda Bernardi and her team at Nova Vita
Please let us work we have not spread the Covid 19 disease we as licensed hairstylist have been taught to properly sanitized and protect our clients and ourselves and have followed all the rules that you put in us
We need to stay united to impress that we conduct our business with care and safety measure in place. The stats show that the transmission is not coming from salons
Beauty salons have followed a higher and better protocol standard than stores and should be allowed to open.
We can do this as a community 💪
The salon I go to is very clean. Only 1 client at a time. Thunder Bay is different from Southern Ontario and we go not have a lot of COVID patients because more people being vaccinated . Please let salons reopen.
Open salons and tattoo shops. Of all placed that had the least number or no outbreaks it was these businesses.
enough is enough!
Salons should be open. Been so unfair to them.
Stop the insanity , open salons , it's essential , save business and beauty !
Open Ontario
Figure it out ford.
This is a salon with only 2 stylist and 2 clients at a time. The salon door is locked, opened by stylist only to those with appointments and we all wear masks. Open up the salon, follows all rules and deserves consideration prior to other businesses.
Carol is following all protocols to keep it cleaned and sanitized wearing mask taking temperatures and filling out a questionnaire
2 hard working hairdressers with families who need to work! They are always following guide lines, it's safer then going to WalMart! We need them!!!
There is no reason that hairdresser should be closed we can go 1 client at a time these poor people are not working and not getting no revenue when they can work COVID safe….
We need it to be open. She's been open only 6 weeks this year. She is a hard worker! She follows guide lines! We need her!
I fieel a lot safer at my hair dresser and my esthetician, than at the grocery store….
Doug Ford closes personal care and always shows up with a fresh haircut, how convenient for him.
This service is very needed for our mental health. Plus, the salon is so incredibly clean. They go above and beyond to sanitize, limit numbers and distance everyone. They should be allowed to open.
I am a Holistic Practitioner and I am standing with personal care professionals. We aren't spreading the virus and deserve to open!
I support the salon industry!!
Thank you for starting this movement. I cannot understand why the Ford Government has pushed the Personal Service industry aside this entire pandemic.

We are one of the safest industries, adhering to strict sanitation protocols that have been in place long before Covid.

Our businesses contribute greatly to the economy through things such as hairstylist license fees, business operator license fees, property taxes, sales taxes, income taxes, etc.

It's time to finally be taken seriously and supported, so we don't have to continue closing businesses.

The owners of this salon have gone above and beyond to follow all the Covid guidelines, clean every surface if it was touched. Cleaned bathroom if someone used it. All chairs cleaned after use. They are one of the safest and cleanest places I have been during all of this!!
Please allow Jamie to open…I need my gray to be gone and he needs the income!!!!
There is no reason that salons can't reopen safety in stage one like before. I have the outmost confidence in our beauty workers and their establishments.
The government is putting hard working small businesses out of business.

Not having my hair cut and my nails done does nothing for my mental health.

Vittorio' has followed all public health protocols. They have had absolutely no covid cases at all. I feel extremely comfortable in the salon. I firmly believe the beauty industry has been unfairly targeted and they should be allowed to reopen under public health guidelines as soon as possible.
Please let these businesses re-open.
Small business hair shops need to re open! They are safe for people and take all the proper precautions! It's time to re open hair salons and nail salons Doug! Make the right decision and help small businesses!
Please let the salons open. They have done all the necessities to be safe..It's time..Enough is enough
LET THE salons open already!

Ford has failed Ontario on every level.

For once, do the right thing Ford. . Let the salons re open.

We can go to Costco with hundred if people but we can't go into a hair or nail salon with a few other people . not fair!!! We need to open these services now!
Reopen beauty salons and spas it's one of the safest place

Everyone wears a mask and it is kne person at a time

Let us barbers go back to work!
I have been a client of this salon for over 25yrs. My heart breaks for Vittorio and his team. By the time they re-open they will have been closed for 10 of the last 15 months. This is ridiculous to me…when spas and hair salons already have high safety protocols guidelines that they have always operated under. I know this because I was a spa owner myself back in the early 2000s. Clients would gladly forgo having their hair blow dried or having facials, limiting services to more distanced services while practioners/stylists are in full PPE, just to support these small businesses!! OPEN our hair salon and aesthetic salons!!!
Absolutely No reason for Salons to be closed other then you want to ruin there businesses ! That is the only reason anyone can see. It's being done on purpose How do you sleep at night This will all come out in the end how much of a Hoax this was
The beauty industry is not where the problems were coming from!
They news to get back to work, if golf courses can be open so can salons.
I don't own a hair salon but I stand with you
We need to support our family!
Open personal care businesses!!!
My business is ruined. Thanks Doug
Reopen the salons.
Open the salons!!! 🙌
They deserve to work! One of the only places I actually feel safe to go and they can't open?

Come on Ford!

There are a lot of self employed women in this province in the Personal Care business . Like all of us they are trying to put a roof over the heads of their families and food on the table with no help from our Government They spend extra money on making their work places CoVid free and follow all the government guide lines ….Yet the Walmart's and Costco's who even at 25% have more people in one day then these businesses would have in a week ….

Personal care also helps everyone's mental health as well ….

Why should we be punished for the antics of those down south , we need to be up and running with our little community businesses open to help our retailers . As a small community off the main roads we have been compliant with all the rules , please let us live once again .
Ford has damaged this province, thousands of families, individuals and businesses. It's time for him to consider the people he serves, not just large corporations.
We work hard told that he hears us but then next breath turns his back on the very people he promised to make it hear on conditions we work in.. Sad very sad
Open all small businesses in Ontario.
we are not the problem!!!
I believe all the beauty and solons are doing their best to follow all the rules with Covid 19 even better then the stores . So let them be open. The BIG BOX STORES carry more of the virus and you let them continue to make us sick.
Enough is enough! Let them open responsibly
There is no reason they can't be opened! Salons take sanitation more seriously than any other business! OPEN IT UP!
Enough Is Enough is enough. Salons across Canada have never been the problem.
Open up beauty salons n nail places
Let's take another look at what should be opened. Golf? Splash pads? Time to reopen salons . Time to re-assess.
Help provided by both government is not sufficient to support a business that had been 100% shut down by the government for more than 9 months over the last 14 months! We receive the same amount as businesses that have curb side pickup or that were shut down for only 5 weeks. This is sad and show a complete miss understanding of our profession. To top that up the federal government is wining down it's support just as we will be allowed to reopen with reduce capacities. Completely unfair, some business will come out of this richer that before the crisis and some will be in debt for years to come.
Frustrated beyond belief.
Always feel safe there and the staff comply with and exceed Covid precautions.

Be fair…open now

We had the biggest hit from all business, every shutdown we had effected us tremendously. Especially the new business owners. I started my business last March and I have been closed more than I have been open. Still paying my rent liability insurance and service contact on my machine from my pocket. It's unfair.
Stop Bullying our professionals!! Ford needs to step aside.
The science has shown that there has been little to no spread of COVID in personal care establishments. It is completely unfair to keep these businesses closed when they did everything thing that was asked to keep their staff and customers safe.
It's more than skin deep.Many people use this industry for maintenance of health .We are essential.
Enough is enough. There's no data showing that these services are spreading the virus. You cannot get more safe than these services. Enough playing politics, start being a human being Doug Ford
Please think to open up personal care facilities by June 14th.
Here to support all of you!
Open hair dressers they will be protecting us of covid. They will take the Wright mesures to keep us safe
Enough is enough. This is all to keep hospital costs down due to socialized medicine. The government doesn't care about anything except their own money.
getting a haircut will help make people feel better about themselves. It is tome!
I find it sad and frustrating that these places of business who have put in place more safety precautions than a grocery store cannot be open. Even if when you enter you need to show your vaccine receipt

Please let these poor hardworking businesses resume so they do not follow the path of many bars and restaurants. Thank you

My hairdresser is a single mum, and needs support.
My daughter has worked part time at this business for 3 years while in high school. We feel so badly for the stylists and aesthetician's, as well as the business owners, who have been off work for SO long, without reasonable thought, we believe. Truly, this group has been unfairly targeted.
Foot care, nail care is an essential service. Diabetics are coming to hospital with infected toes , requiring hospitalization for wound care and surgery.
Let's get them back to work! They are safer than any mall or store!!
This is personal, we can stay open safely, you are ruining so many lives !!!!
Please Open up all beauty salons & small businesses NOW!!!
Not fair Ford fails whole industry
Enough is enough. This is asinine when we can go into a grocery store or Costco by the hundreds but you won't allow 1 customer at a time visit the salon? Give your collective heads a shake.
I work in optometry and we have been in much closer contact selling nonessential glasses and sunglasses than hairdressers who are mostly behind the person, yet we have been open while they are closed. It's a double standard and not fair.
Let us go back to work !!
Vittorio's has been closed by the government lockdown since November 23, with no prospect of reopening until July. It's unfair that they have had to remain closed for 7+ months, while malls and restaurants were allowed to operate.
We need to go back soon we are losing everything we've built on. Our clients need us not only for hair services but overall well being.
Re- open beauty salons and barbershops ASAP should never have been shutdown in the first place, they practice social distancing better than Costco. Walmart or any Superstore for that matter, they have hand sanitizer, masks and take your temperature. Also, many of us have already been vaccinated. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OPEN UP THIS ECONOMY.
You don't look good, you don't feel good! This is a fact!
I have lost all faith in this government

I do not trust this leadership

Conservative leadership has failed us in this province

Enough is enough we need to get back to work. Our industry is safe and has been safe forever!!
The beauty industry has not shown any significant impact to cases within Ontario! We are people who serve the public and we are people too, we need to put food on our tables and roofs over our families heads.
Open up our Nail techs

All guidelines are followed

Thank you

If it's safe to go to the dentist or the eye doctor then it is safe to go to the hair salon. Open them up!!
Open personal care business.
PLEASE let salons re-open. I would feel much safer in that controlled environment than I do at my local Walmart!
Open the beauty industry!!!! Enough is enough!!! You are killing the livelyhood of many small businesses and therefore communities and families.
So unfair that salons can't open at the same time as sports, outdoor dining. They are super careful with Ppe, with cleaning, staggered clients and stylists . They work for themselves and have been hit hard by this pandemic.
My hairdresser is private only one person at a time and she does the proper procedures for the covid.
Salons are safe, stop locking us down!
Let them open, they follow all the protocols better than the big box stores.
Reopen beauty industries!!!! They are safe !!! One on one customer service. Child care is open with hundred of children!!!!!!
The logic behind these shut downs is flawed! The northern numbers are not lining up to the south but were all locked down just the same.
Professional services and beauty services make up 20% of our downtown businesses and primarily led by women in our community. Their businesses are safe and there's no reason they can't operate safely. I stand with these business owners.
We are educated, spend many hours apprenticing and have to be licensed to care for our clients safely. We provide more then hair service, we help with mental

health. We are more than qualified to follow public health protocol and we should be allowed to do our jobs.

How can the people making decisions sleep at night? This is criminal in the worst way!

Open businesses safely and let's get our world back to living not fear of what MIGHT happen !

Our wellness services would be considered essential for some. Foot care for diabetics are especially important to keep up with and not to mention those who need to relieve stress off their mind and body . It's not always about looking your best but rather feeling your best during this difficult time.
I have not seen research saying that these personal care salons (who spent thousands of $$$'s last year in PPE/plexi glass shields etc to make their places COVID safe) are transmitting COVID and adding to the Ontario numbers. These small businesses – mainly owned by women – will not survive a continued shut down.
I suffer from migraines do to thick hair n as last year I'm in agony again


Been closed way so long. Really hurting my business.
I support the beauty and personal care industry! Ford: let us re-open our hair salons already!
We are a Red Seal Trade! Education in sanitation and disinfecting! We are a low transmission rate trade of Covid! Unfair that out of 144 Trades We are the only one not allowed to work! Look at BC the salons have been open for a year with no problems. Unless you are trying to have no hair salons and let Amazon take over everything!
Open up!!!
I am sick of not being able to work! I am overly frustrated with the fact that our industry is being disregarded when we have more sanitization/disinfection knowledge than most others. 7 months of not being allowed to work is unfair and leaves me questioning the Ontario government and their logic.
Many of the salons I know have gone the extra mile to protect not only their personnel but mostly their patrons. It is time to open them up. People need a break!!!
This is an absolute disgrace. How is this justified. Just let us go back to work!

Botox and massage is allowed but esthetics are not??????

Open the spas and salons
There is no reason salons can't be open. Masks can be worn and salons are very clean and sanitized. Self image is very important to people now during these very trying times and this industry has suffered enough!
Save salon industry
My business is out of my home I don't see why I am unable to work when one client comes in I sanitize before the next client. I am lucky I don't have over head like most but doesnt mean I am not suffering trying to support my two kids. Yet factories can work with hundreds of people working side by side.. Time to open the little guys!!!
I feel safer at the salon than in some stores. Open up salons who can control how many they allow in.
Open the air salon 🎈🎈🎈
Reopen us so we can work!
Enough of bullying our industry. No more shutdowns of personal services.
Open these business's. They do not nor did they ever spread COVID. They have taken all the precautions necessary.

How long do you think they can hold on ?



I stand with the small business owners, there has to be a way around this kinda like the big box stores.
Salon workers are skilled professionals and CAN offer their services safety. Stop making this female-dominated profession suffer when they have already put in place the safeguards to prevent the spread of COVID-19!
Hair Salons are run very safely and we need to be part of the first phase of Ontario's reopening plan.
Just don't understand how I can go to the dentist or have a full body massage, but I can't have a pedicure or get a haircut. These closures are not making any sense and that's why people are getting upset with the ridiculous rules!!! This has to stop!!!
Stop this nonsense. Keep small businesses alive!!!!
We opened out barbershop in October 2020 and have not received ANY GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE!!! We have added to the economy and created jobs by hiring 3 barbers. We have strict protocols and there is an extremely low chance of transmissibility. With this new reopening we are pushed back further than the old colour coded framework. We seem to be screwed at every turn.
It's time to go back to work. I can go shopping with 500 people in Walmart, nobody sanitizing anything , but I can't work? We sanitize EVERYTHING anybody comes into contact with.
there is no evidence to show that salons are spreading covid – the evidence points to factory environments.
Keeping hair salons closed is a mental health issue for some people which is not being taken in to account.

The above hair salon is following all the guidelines and is most likely much safer than the big box stores.

These people have gone above and beyond what has been asked of them.

Have we heard of any Covid cases coming from salons?

Please think this through and open the salons.

Thank you for your time.

Ford fails beauty
Doug Ford

If you lock us down for 9 plus months you should be helping with a lot more than you have offered. up to date. You say you support business but it is mostly talk. #fordfailsbeauty

Let people use these services
it's time to open back up!
Open up the salons #FordFailsBeauty. They take every precaution and yet are not allowed to open. This needs to stop. Let the small business open per your once upon a time slogan “Ontario…open for business”.
Stop the insanity!!!….We need to be back into our shops!!!….If anyone knows the importance of cleanliness and sterilization it is the Hair Dressing Industry !!..

We demand your attention!…let us work or compensate us!!

We own a Tattoo Studio which falls into the “personal care category” and are shut down as well.
This lockdown is not based on evidence of transmission in our industry, it's completely political. If it was about keeping people safe then the warehouses that were huge vectors for spread would have been shut down long ago. It's clear that the Ford government has no respect for the beauty industry.
I fully support this movement !!! It's time the men and women who do so much for people's mental and physical health come back to their well deserved professions and continue to spread beauty and love ❤️
Very unfair not allowing hairdressers to open up. They can and have done it safely
At the very least allow hair salons and barbershops to open on June 14th as they can't do curbside services like non-essential retail.
I do not work in this field, but I support the workers that do. Too many businesses are having to close their doors forever. Let them open back up safely. It is very possible.
Unfortunately, the salon I've been going to for a decade did not survive the lockdowns. 🥵😡🤬
The salon I go to is VERY careful, even before Covid. I would really like to see salons be able to offer the many services where masks can still be worn. For some services, like pedicures, it can be a health issue as much as a "beauty" issue. Many people are unable to care for their own feet due to health reasons and regular pedicures can help avoid serious health issues. Please allow them to provide the services that allow masks to be worn by both parties throughout the service or treatment.
Peel has been shut down for 7 months other regions opened to receive some revenue….. salon owners need money to open . This is criminal
I am a solo esthetician who opened up my day spa at the beginning of 2020. Because of that, I have qualified for zero support over the last 15 months. Our industry has some of the strictest health board standards, even before COVID was a thing. I still have no idea when I can do all of the services I offer
Would live to return to work
Time the hairdressers were back to work!!!
Salons can easily control the number of people inside and provide sufficient cleaning between customers. Open them up
A hair salon can operate safer then a Walmart come on !!!!!!!!!!!
We are educated responsible beings who have been shut down 4 times over the past year. I have exhausted all of my savings. Enforce adequate rules and monitor safety protocols. The good places are being penalized for the lack of hygiene at less professional facilities.

We need to return back to work for everyone's mental health.

I am struggling and need to know my business is not done.
Please allow salons to open. Mine is especially careful, clean and never for one moment do I worry about contact.
Salons are safe to open
Please let hairstylist serve our people. It is critical to mental health !
Reflexology is Essential!
Following all strict protocols and only allowing one person at a time in the salon with strict cleaning after each patron, I think they should be allowed to open.
I have always felt safe at my hair salon or spa. The beauty industry is not the driver of Covid !9
Je pense que les salons de coiffure sont sécuritaires et essentiels.
Most salons had very strict health and safety protocols in place even before COVID and jumped in to add anything required of them to reopen. They have been opened and closed

at least 3 times . We are being urged to practice “self care” while closing down the very businesses that offer that. We are being told to support small businesses and many spas are just that and they are being closed. One on one beauty services are not the cause of community spread. Let these people get back to work and do what they do best.

I feel safer at the salon than I do in a retail or grocery store! I have seen them clean and sanitize after each client and they monitor the number of people inside. I remain outdoors till the previous customer has left. This couldn't be any better organized. Having a hair cut goes far for your mental health at this time.
One on one services especially with a mask should not be banned! #FordFailsBeauty
I feel safer going to beauty and personal care industry over going to the grocery store. Grocery stores are not providing contact tracing (no name /number). However with beauty and personal care have the information needed to do contract tracing. They are also disinfecting more than grocery stores do.
OPEN SALONS!!!!!! this is their livelihood.
Heartbroken over the way this has been handled in Ontario.
My business is essential
Enough is enough open up personal care services they are safer doing one on one with client and clean between each client like you wouldn't believe some people use a massage pedicure or hair to help them feel better when suffering mental health or appearance issues enough is enough open up for these small businesses
I stand with personal care workers. Hairstylists are a skilled trade. They are educated in health and safety.

Let these workers go back to work.

Salons have proven that they can operate safely. There is NO REASON for them to be closed. #FORDFAILSBEAUTY #FORDFAILEDONTARIO
We are just as safe as the dentist they have your mouth open with only a face sheld and a mask

We as hair dresses do the exact same thing but one thing is there mask ARE NOT OFF PLEASE EXPLAIN THAT WE ARE FULLY TRAINED IN Disinfecting

Supporting friends in the salon business. Needing to get back to work
All of them should be open. It is safer than the BIG BOX Stores. Why is the vaccination in place if all the lockdowns continue.
They already know about sanitization. I'm not sure why they deserve to be penalized.
Salon's have always sanitized prior to covid and it is no different then going to a medical appt.
What you are doing to these people is completely unacceptable!!
Open hair and nail salons immediately.. there is zero evidence of the virus being spread from these establishments.. they adhere to the policy and procedures better than the grocery or big box stores
Hi Mr Ford,

Please Mr. Ford open the salons in phase one!!!!

I don't understand why the salons are closed especially when you can go into a dental office where aerosols are created but not go into a hair salon where there aren't aerosols being created and everyone is wearing a mask and sitting 6 feet apart. Also, if you can go into a Costco and see large families wandering around and not distancing.

Re-open personal care businesses!
Stop picking an choosing.

Salons are FAR more sanitary and responsible than the mess of big box stores you continue to let stay open. If you think closing off sections of these big box stores has benefited the communities you're also wrong.

How does it feel to be responsible for the demise of so many? Can't wait to vote Ford OUT.

The problem with transmissions is not salons. We have the capability and consistency to do proper track and trace where bog box and other large stores do not. Killing small businesses and allowing super spreader ones to remain open is purely senseless.
I am not the owner of any salons listed, those are the people i go to and support. I stand with the beauty industry, always. Thank you for all you do.
Open one of the safest industries! If I can go to Walmart or even the chiropractor, I can go to a hair dresser who only sees 1 person at a time!
We are part of the great reset to humanity
Doug Ford is failing this industry for no reason.
Open everything up, it's time to return to normal.
Let the salons and personal service industry open!!
Reopen salons!! They are not linked to the spread of COVID-19!! I have a family to feed as a single mom and I am unable to provide! Enough is enough!
If those working as hairstylists are considered trades ppl and pay the same dues as electricians, plumbers, HVAC, construction workers etc. They why is the trDe of hairstylists and estheticians being punished. Reopen salons and allow them to earn a living this is the trade the went through school for to earn a living and you have slappef them in the face deeming them non essential. Effectively preventing them from providing for their families and earning a living, lift the order
Open up our hair salons. They are essential.
My daughter is a hairdresser and works one on one! Disinfects between clients more careful than most places that are allowed open! Also, I work in a Tanning salon where there is absolutely no contact as they are all in their own cubicle! Everything is cleaned meticulously. People are losing their business over this!!! 🙁
Please Mr. Ford, going for a haircut

is a form of mental health care.

Salons are essential services as the staff are members of the College of Trades, and are well educated members who understand the safety protocols for the clients. These members of the community are being treated unfair as their businesses are an important to support their families.
Open up!!!
Deflate ford !
Let us open!!!!!!!
This is an amazing salon which provides excellent service and does the highest quality work. I don't know how they are managing to hold on to their business. They have gone to the trouble and expense of fixing up their salon so that it is perfectly safe for both their clientele and staff. They follow all of the protocols to prevent the spread of the virus but unless they are allowed to open, they could lose everything. This government needs to provide this industry with financial assistance as well as allow them to reopen.
We are not being treated fairly we have done nothing wrong we are way more safer than any box store and we care so much for the safety of our clients that we don't take any risks.
Personal care services are not the issue with Covid cases! They follow their protocols and can work safely! Allow these workers to get back to work before they loose all their businesses!!!! They are essential!!!
Covid is not spreading through hair and nail salons, there is no reason to restrict from opening!!!
We want to work!!!!
Open them back up
They have barely been open and I know they are struggling. Please give them a chance to survive this
I would love some images to share on social media!
Enough is enough!
Open up the salons so these hard working responsible women and men don't lose everything!!!
I support reopening of Beauty and Personal Care Buisnesses!
Salons can be safe. Let them open with protocols in place.
I support the beauty and personal care industry be allowed to reopen. They have bent over backwards to make their clients safe.
Open up
I stand with the beauty and personal care industry. It is ridiculous what Ford has done to them throughout this pandemic.
The Beauty Industry is quite aware of how to keep safe!
Our self care businesses have such high standards of cleanliness. Please allow them to reopen.
Let personal care facilities reopen in a safe manner. It was being done before this lockdown and can certainly continue, especially as more and more people are getting vaccinated.
Salons are safer than big box stores!
Lost faith and trust in Ford government.

Need to have my business back and open soon in order to survive.

Open up all the personal care..not one case of COVID in these places has been recorded!
Stylist of 20yrs
My hairdresser has opted to move to Panama due to the closing of Ontario to personal services!! This is outrageous.
I feel salons take extra care and precautions and should be allowed to be open. Dentists are open and patients can't even wear masks there.
If large manufacturers can be open small businesses like hair salons can manage to make it work
Open the salons! They are just as if not more safe than any other retail store!
I support all those in the beauty industry!
Hairdressers and all personal care deserve a job and working for their passion. They're WAY CLEANER than retail stores (Walmart etc) so open them up.
Come on- how is it that hair dressers and salons are the culprit here??? We need to get people back to work- stop changing the goal post!!!
Please open these businesses they are very much essential
I feel for all the wonderful ladies who work in these salons but who have been out of work far too much/long during COVID-19 lockdowns. They have salon rents, bills to pay, and families to take care of too. These personal care services professionals have gone above and beyond to keep things safe and clean for their clients' protection and their own. Let them open up and get back to doing what they love.
This closure makes no sense to anyone in light of the fact that many, many other places remain open – even those with no sanitary measures in place!!! Open your eyes Mr. Ford!!!!
Seriously this is enough already! Time to open up and get our lives back to normal!
Professionals one on one service …..
Absolutely ridiculous. Mental health comes in all forms, people need to take care of themselves.
Stop holding peoples jobs hostage !!!
Failing the beauty industry also targets and fails women. It is very problematic.
I can get my dogs hair cut but not my children?
Salons are not spreading the virus they are being very responsible and have been since the beginning.
Open all business!
I completely understand that this is an unprecedented situation. However by not allowing these businesses to operate you are saying you don't trust them to provide the highest standard of protection to their guests. Based on the data it is not hair salons and beauty parlours contributing to the rise in cases.
The saloon I go to can't afford to be closed for much longer. You are making a lot of business close their doors for good because they can't afford your stupidity Mr. Ford. Open these businesses back up. They deserve to be able to work and earn a living. This is ridiculous!
I support salons opening, as the statistics show this is not where spread is happening. Small businesses are struggling without a need for it.
Hair salons are safer than going to Costco!!!!!!
Open these small suffering businesses!! They need to survive too.
Open it up!!!!
We Need to Open!

We are Not the Problem!

We can cut your hair Safe!

Please open personal services! We are essential just like everyone else is! My mental state is suffering not having my business open. Every lockdowns it gets worse! My financial state is suffering as well, we have to sell our house to get relief from our debt.
We have to fight I can't hold on one more month it's already been 6 months today I'm going to be forced to close my Studio for good


Please let these people get back to work!
Salons are following all the proper protocols to keep everyone safe. They need to reopen now.
We have practiced safe protocols way before covid 19.

Our clients tell us they feel safer in our Salon than they do in grocery stores!

We are a spa in Port Stanley that has been forced to remain closed for every lockdown. We do believe we are safer than any crowded grocery store.
Everyone has the right to work and shutting down salons where they are taking the proper steps is just wrong
If it's safe enough for me to work in Childcare where child wear no masks and or not wear then properly, then it's certainly safe enough for me to go to a salon where everyone wears PPE! Not to mention there's cases in Childcare and zero in salons!
This is a great day! #enoughisenough
Open the fucking gyms too!!!! People can go to amusement parks and out for lunch and I can't go to the gym for my mental and physical health?????? This is so fucked!!
Please reopen. This Salon has taken all the precautions and then some.
Personal care needs to be opened! Most cleanliness businesses and should not have been affected as much as they have! I need to get back to work to support my family
I don't own a salon but I think it's ridiculous that you can't be open but the golf courses are for the good old boys club!

This whole pandemic has been handled improperly

Personal care services are not the problem
It's time to open up the salons. I don't understand how you expect people to make a living or to survive if they've only been open for six weeks since the year begins! If you expect these businesses to survive if they need some support somewhere let them open her at the shop I go to Follows extreme safety protocols and there should be no reason why they can't continue to provide their service
It's time to open up. They take every safety precaution possible. Media says 60% have their first shot so it's time to get this economy back on track
I've never cut my own hair before and I don't want to do it again! Lets re-open hair salons ASAP.
Open up the salons!!
I have never felt more safe than at my local salon. All rules are followed and everyone is masked while in her facility.
Stop the lockdowns, it's time you allow people to make their own choices! Lockdowns do not work and by continuing to do so you are destroying lives!
There's a problem when we start taking hair clippers to her own hair!! I don' think there were any COVID cases traced back to a hair salons. Lets get small business and the economy back up and running.
Give me back my bread and butter.
Enough is enough! I feel safer going to my hair salon, small business stores, independent businesses and this includes the gym — rather than YOUR large super stores!

The damage that has been done to these businesses was NOT necessary. So many will not recover and too many have already lost their businesses!!! So very sad and heart breaking. Allow those who are still Hanging on by a thread a chance to save their lively hood!!!

My daughter has worked for her own salon and is more safe then any grocery store, Costco, or the dentist for that matter! How can she survive?
Where is the proof that there is a problem within the beauty industry?
This is absurd! I can go everywhere else but I can't get my Hair cut!
ALL businesses across Ontario should be allowed to open. The data does not support closures. Hot spots or not. Let us work in a safe manner that we have been.
People's business has been taken away and will end up closing. Come on get it together. They have more cleanliness in the salons then alot of places!
The beauty industry is the only industry which is completely shut with no means to make money. It can't operate curbside pick up, and additionally many industry professionals got denied qualification for aid makes no sense because the environment is cleaner than any box store we could shop at.
We need to save our industry,
SVP ouvrer nos salon de coifure, c,est essentiel, pour mon moral et surtout notre santé mental, svp merci
The government has destroyed our businesses! We've all spent many years and many long hours in our salon to only be destroyed!
If u cannot get red ballon, what else can u use.

Dollar Rama section /Walmart other stores also.

Closed off sections

It is shameful that individuals who provide personal services have continued to be prevented from working. My stylist provides a safe environment and I feel safer in her chair than I do in the grocery store! Despicable!
Enough already! We can keep ourselves safe in a salon environment
Enough is enough!

Working and being able to put good food on the table should always be essential.

Those who WANT to work should be allowed to work.

Pleasure (golf, tennis..etc.. ) should never make priority over businesses.

Open salons now. These professionals support our community and other small businesses. Their skills and knowledge boost confidence in individuals and groups as well as support the efforts to reduce Covid-19 in our city.
Enough is enough
I support my stylist co's and friends 100% Enough is enough.
Please let us open. We are not the cause of spread.
The salon I go to is very safe they sanitize far more than the grocery stores or big box stores. They should be open.
My mom was a hairdresser for over 20 years and I know a lot of good people in the personal care services. I stand by everybody.
Sending love and prayers for freedom and beauty all around.

Love from Saskatchewan

I think Hair Salons and Spas have been closed long enough. The owners, who have followed all the protocols, are trying to stay in business although they have no clients. Thousands of employees are desperate to work again. Physiotherapists, massage therapists, and dentists are allowed to be open – with hands-on treatment. Personal care stylists and personnel should also be granted that option.
It is very discouraging knowing that our reopening hangs in the the hands or arms of all Ontarians eligible for vaccinatiom. If we don't have 11.7mil people vaccinated in Ontario out of 13 mil eligible people, we don't get to open our doors.
I will participate 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈
I am a single hairstylist salon..there is no reason for me to be closed
The salons have gone to great lengths to make it safe and as comfortable for their clients! To wipe and clean and do cuts and colours around our masks, while continuing to wear a mask themselves! Allow these hard working professionals do their job!
My work especially being within a retirement home is absolutely essential. These women and men do not only come see me to get their hair done because they “just want their hair done” they come see me because they have to. Without me some cannot even wash their hair on there own, many have limited range of motion or are high risk of falls in showers. Personal hygiene is essential and being able to safely provide hair and scalp health is not only essential for hygiene but for these peoples mental well being.
A detailed approach with more consistency between like situations and business types would've been appreciated. Hairstylist have a myriad of Conversations with clients from virologist, to epidemiologist, to ministers and deputy ministers in the government, emergency workers, teachers and a myriad of professionals who are now seeing the handling of this as a complete fail. Business people are able to manage situationally with guidelines that allow us to stay open and the reasons for not being open are wearing thin. Matter of fact, they're wearing as thin as the jokes that are coming from the top. Nobody will listen to the media or the pundits and specialists as to the excuses for wiping out so many businesses. The cure has become worse than the disease. Our clients and guests are completely saddened by what's going on with small businesses like ours and are not buying in to the government rhetoric as much as you, Doug Ford, would believe. I honestly thought you could do better on the third closure but you proved me wrong.
I want my salon open again!!
Its time to open our Salons Doug!
I am a small, single-operator business that has been shut down since November. I am willing to do whatever is necessary to begin treating my clients again. As a certified esthetician, I have the knowledge and skills to reopen safely and with minimum risk to my clients or myself. I am vaccinated, as are most of my clients. I've invested everything in my fledgling business. After almost a year and a half of being mainly closed, how can I retain clients or repay the loan I've received with the ongoing lockdowns?
I am a stylist…. our salon has followed all protocols and all clients feel safe and protected we are professionals and trained in sanitation and sterilization

Let us do what we love !!

Enough is enough! Open up the hair and aesthetic salons!!! My hair stylist and I both wear masks and everything is sanitized, including our hands. It couldn't be cleaner. And the same goes for my gym!!! We clean the equipment before and after use, and in addition, the owner was closing shop twice a day for a thorough cleaning!!! It is safer at my hair salon and gym than it is at Walmart and Costco. This is insane. Open up the small businesses! OPEN UP OUR HAIR SALONS!!!!
Enough is enough! The Covid cases are not coming out of the salons! How can you get a full body massage, but can't get your hair done. These people work hard and do not deserve this. They are top-notch and I always felt safe going to them.
4 months closed last year due to Covid 2020 :April ,May,June and December.

5 months since Jan 2021 until now still lock down

We are suffering for small business!! Our bills still coming in .

Enough is enough. Louise did the changes to make a safe salon and still she had to close.
There is no reason that a salon can't open up especially when it a one person out of their home salon . We wear a mask they follow protocol disinfect everything better than the box stores I've been in!!!!
Mr Ford it is time for us to go back to work. We have taken the proper cleaning rules and regulations . We are obviously not the ones spreading covid being off of work 6 and half month as of now. If you can golf we can cut hair. It is time to get our lives back. Remember Mr Ford there is an election coming
One on one interactions are not the problem. We have high standards with cleanliness and disinfect prodacals.
I suppor t my wife all the way and all the hairdressers out there.

Maybe hair isn't essential, but eating is.

I support hair, reflexology, reiki, barbers, tanning, nail, and massage businesses 💯 %. These owners, employees have always and consistently followed appropriate cleaning protocols and then some! These businesses did not have covid 19 outbreaks, because they followed protocols. It is outrageous that the government treats these businesses in a less than important role in the province/communities as other businesses, say like golf courses, tennis courts…I suppose they were for his affluent fiends. Ford you have failed so many Ontarians , open these businesses up immediately!

Signed – Diane Dowsling, a very dissatisfied constituent.

Enough is enough. When people are getting their hair done for golf and other events and we're not working. Something is very wrong. We are educated and a trade. I though we would have treated with more respect. Everyone would be boating, golfing and camping and hairstylist next able to work. Something is really wrong.
Let us get back to our profession, our salons & our amazing clients. We are essential.
They are all worried about the mental health of every7during this pandemic but people need to get their hair done for their mental health. If they feel good their mental health is good. Please reopen our salons
We need money to open . How does a salon open without money to buy products and pay staff etc….
We professionals and educated and we have safety protocol in place
Ford needs to step down. His company is benefiting from these lockdowns. Look it up. From 2 million to 50 million in a year doesn't add up.

Clown show and a tyrant.

Time to open without him because it's unconstitutional what they are doing.

But people are to stupid to realize this. Shame on all of us to let this continue. Open together.

The personal care industry / estheticians should be classified as essential care providers. This pandemic has robbed people of human touch and mental health issues have sky rocketed. Let us go back to work with tried and true cleaning protocols already established for dental hygiene. Close the locations that do not conform. Shutting down an entire industry because of what may happen is not right and

punishes hardworking Canadians!!!

These shut downs have effected me very much, i live alone i s-private the money from the government but itsnot close to being enough to pay my bills not even close. Working to survive is essential to me . I am a sole person hairdresser in my shop i can be very startle clean and follow any guidlines please just let me work.
Please let us open! This don't make a bit of sense!!!
I am a sole proprietor and have a large clientele 60% is footcare seniors there is only one person in salon at a time protocol in place. Our people need this service we are essential .
Let the hair and beauty salons open. It is a safe atmosphere! They take all the necessary precautions.
hair cuts and colours are so necessary for mental health you look good you feel good we need our salons…
I support my friends in Ontario. We have been locked down again here in Alberta. There has not been enough support provincially or federally to help us survive.
I have one person in at a time, clients do not undress. Face masks are worn. The room is sanitized in between and I have an air sanitizer running at all times. I am vaccinated. My treatment room is more sanitary then a grocery store or Costco. I have lost a lot of revenue the past year yet the govt says I don't qualify for support. Personal care services need to re-open immediately. This shutdown has taken a great financial and emotional toll on me.
Let's take a sensible look & reopen asap
The personal services industry has been unfairly shut down with no science to back up this decision. More Covid cases have come from warehouses than small businesses. You are hurting the economy and people's lives for no good reason.


Please open salons again. These owners are losing their livelihoods and are stressed out.

They take Covid seriously and take all precautions and then some to protect their clients. Let them get back to work. The continued closure of salons makes no sense.

We have followed the Health Ministrys guide lines from the start of our business. If we do not comply with the ministry, it would not pass us every year. Salons use disinfectants daily. We are a cleaner and safer environment then some other businesses operating. closing us down for months and months and now extending to July is overdone by far… controlling people going to to see family and friends is where the spread occurred and not in our place of work..

Fanny K.

I lost my Best Friend my Husband in February, being unable to work has caused extreme stress during this time of loss….no income, no Funeral, lots of Bills, and no way to dig out of this hole 💔

Why are Hairstylist and Barbers being punished when are first concern is the care of our Clients!

We take precautions are educated in sanitization and sterilization of equipment….why does Ford think we are less important than other essential services?

Please please change your mind and open hair salons we have everything in place to be safe for the clients:)
Enough is enough
We need the opportunity to work and at least pay the bills- months and month if no revenue and only 35% rent subsidy is not cutting it
We have taken every precaution necessary to protect ourselves and our clients and feel it is unfair to continue lockdown against personal care businesses! We have much stricter guidelines from our health unit than the big box stores.
I support all small businesses….having had one myself! My daughter is now a small business owner and it has caused her great emotional stress by not feeling worthy to be able to do her job! Yet Costco's and Walmart's and Mac Donald's continue to be open and prosper!! I have several friends….women who own businesses and have been hurting since this Madness began last year! I call on all people of Ontario to say Enough….No More Lockdowns! Let the people of Ontario return to living, making an income and feeling whole again! Ford has the opportunity to change what is happening Now!! Open For Business in Ontario….All businesses Ford!!!
Our industry has proven to be safe! Stop this unfair treatment. We are not the spreaders!! So many have loss their salons and changing profession because they have to provide and live. United we stand strong!!!
We need more money from the government
I feel very safe and have proper protocols in effect to return to work and do my job safely. I feel that my customers are also staying safe and are no threat to me or my family.
Let us open up, we are SAFE!!! WE ARE STARVING!
Enough already with the lockdowns it's time to get this economy going. I don't know who you listen to but you've definitely misinformed. The variances are from travellers so why are we being punished and destroying our businesses. And as far as the hot spots you're rewarding the people that aren't doing their part and punishing everyone else. As a premiere close the airports so that the planes can't land here and get everyone double vaccinated ASAP. even it means having the vaccination places open 24 hours. ITS TIME to stop listening to the so called experts because they don't know what they're talking about. The only way to beat this is to get everyone double vaccinated not by social distancing and not working. If I was the Premier I would try to get the vaccines for Ontario myself because Trudeau isn't capable and smart enough to do so.
I don't know when the Hair salon will be open, we survive .
end this lock down and we request compensation for all our losses
Stop failing beauty!

If its safe to eat at a restaurant OPEN US UP!

Please let them reopen!
Free our hair and nail salons !! We need to keep our family's feed too.
Pleasure help us earn our living with dignity, professionalism and safely. It's been too long and we're all on bended knees begging and imploring the government to allow us to return to work so we can give our children the God Given Right of the necessities of life and parents can only do that through work. Mr. Ford do whatever is needed to be done so you can actually sleep at night with a clean conscience knowing that you've helped stop some of the abuse that is happening in some households needlessly because of this continuous lockdown to our sector. PLEASE if you're not going to do it for any other reason PLEASE open our sector for the children that are the future of this beautiful province and country. The country of milk and honey that the rest of the world envies!!

Lina Cammarata Brocklehurst


Salon Companies are striving to keep everyone safe. We care about public Heath and will continue to do all that is needed. I'll guarantee that Fresh will stay vigilant and compliant. Holly Dunn
Don't quite understand why hair dressers cannot resume their businesses, especially when they follow the rules and are extremely careful. It's no difference than going to the dentist and they have their hands inside your mouth, which I believe is worse. Please allow the hairdressers to go back to work!
Hair salons and barber shops are the least likely places to spread covid……nothing compared to super spreaders like Costco…..I totally understand you need to support those who support your campaign but you need to realize we are not stupid.

Listen to the science and stop following the money.

You have lost my vote!

I am a stylist living in Sarnia, Ontario. I have worked a total of 3 weeks since boxing day of 2020. I think personal care is essential for everyone. I entered this industry because I love helping people feel good about themselves. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someones face light up because they feel confident in their new hairstyle. Personal care is a huge part of mental health!

On another note. We Hairstylists are licensed professionals that follow the Ministry of health guidelines. We are trained to sanitize. We are trained from the beginning in beauty school and through our Ontario college of trades apprenticeship program to follow all sanitary rules. Disinfection, sanitization, and sterilization. Before covid we were taught about transferring fungus and skin diseases. We were taught about blood borne pathogens and proper biohazard handling/disposal.

Doug ford doesn't know how much sanitizing we have been doing since the beginning of the pandemic. Client comes in for their scheduled appointment masked. Client sanitizes their hands. Between each client. The stylist has sanitized their hands, the chair, the station table, their scissors, their shampoo sink, their hot tools, their clippers. Used brushes and combs are rinsed and set into a container of ShipShape which is just step ONE of THREE sanitizing steps the combs and brushes go through before they can be used on another client. We understand sanitization contact time. We understand most sanitizer has to fully dry before the surface is truly sanitized!

Licensed Beauty Professionals are educated by our government to sanitize but yet we cannot work? There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that our sanitized salons are not safe!

Doug Ford do us a favour and educate yourself please!

Being an owner of a small Hair Salon in Durham, I feel that we have been the forgotten ones. I understand that we are in a pandemic and we need closures in order to control this virus. However, I assure you that all hairdressers are qualified in sanitization and sterilization of all tools and workspace. I fail to see how one person in at a time, no one gets anything done without a mask on and passing our questionnaire. Everything is sanitized from door to door when that client leaves. We are much safer than going to a big box store. It is very unfair to us.. and I'd like to add that most hairdressers and owners of salons are single women. I've been a business owner for over 20 years and May now lose it because of your restrictions. This business is my life….
I support Stacy and Lushus Salon – one of the hardest working woman I know!
It is incredible how our industry has been handled with these lockdown rules.

During the entire lockdowns Medical spas could do lip filler injections. Nobody can wear a mask for that and this is by no means an essential service. Many medical spas are not associated with any doctor, but they can work AND they can do facials where the rest of our industry suffers.

Nobody listened to people complaining on the news over the last few months and nobody ever bothered to take a closer look at our industry before they came up with those ridiculous rules.

What a shame how all of this hurt our industry and our clients.

#fordfailsbeauty that's for sure, but it's not only him, it's all the people in the health organization as well.

Open up the beauty salons
There is no reason why we are not aloud to work!
I stand by profession! 🎈
Open salon and beauty industry back up
Let our salons open up safely!!
Please allow them to open
Put hairdressers back to work
Treat our hair styling salon as safe place. Much safer than gym.
I feel so defeated.
Salons have the best kept client records next to drs offices! And some of the most intense health and safety regulations across any of the trades. Salons should have opened well before thoughts of non essential retail opening even happened.
There is no evidence supporting the need to keep salons closed. I don't care about needing my hair done but I do care about all the salon owners and workers loosing their lively hood unnecessarily .
It's time we did something, we need to feed our families!




Please let our beauty salons opened with cautious as we are always do and continue doing so even much more careful. We cannot survive and go bankrupt since we do have families need us taking care of them too.
I think it is a shame that salons had to be closed for so long….Shame on you Mr. Ford!!!
This has got to stop!! We have been under the health and safety control before covid came about! Now we are even more safe since covid!
Time to open hair salons! They are safe!
Let Us Back To Work..
Let us work
In British Columbia personal care services were closed for the first lockdown for a total of 3 months. One lockdown.

In Ontario, we were forced to close first, second & third lockdowns for a total of 8 months plus additional 2 months of restriction on what services can be done. That is a total of 10 months zero/declined revenue of the last 15 months.

Personal care services have had zero revenue (no takeout option) & mammoth devastation by the Gov't decisions. Small amount of grants do not stop the financial bleeding. Accumulated debt is rising as fixed operating costs still need to be paid. Property taxes, rent, insurance, utilities, telephone, internet, point of sale monthly fees have all increased & need to be paid with…. zero revenue.

Politicians are destroying people's livelihoods. They don't care because they are not affected. Might no longer be able to just continue to sit back and wait for the gov't to continue to destroy small businesses. July 5th will turn into another 2 wks & so on as we have experienced repeatedly.

The underground personal care services are flourishing and clients are going to homes instead of salons. This is not safe. We will see a deteriorating client base because of this. Respectable law abiding salons are being punished.

Based on deteriorating trust in those whom govern & in order to ensure business survival and feeding our families, we need to banned together and fight for our businesses or be properly compensated by the Ford Government .


Hey DOUG FORD can you live on nothing? Because I sure cant.

Shannon Dontas

Enough is enough!!
Doug Ford has failed beauty and Ontario. Open Ontario now!
Open up the beauty industry!
Enough is enough! We have had enough lockdowns. We can reopen to all the safety measures needed. I own my own business in my home. I feel quiet confident that I am able to keep my clients safe while they are in for their appointments. It is time for us to be deemed essential!
I totally agree, will be happy to support all hairstylists . Been out of work over fives week.

Getting no help from. G/Ment.

I will put my ballon up in support.

I will be supporting with balloons at my door, road gate sign. And sitting at the road sign handing out balloons to passer by…we have a very busy golf course across the street which is filled!!

Enough is enough is right.

I've sent emails to my clients to support.

cheers and let's hang in there.


We have been closed since Nov 24 2020

I don't see an end to this….

Enough is enough
They need to open us We are not the problem
Please, let us to work!!!!!
Third lockdown for our Small Spa/salon business in Napanee , pretty much forcing our doors to close permanently. #FordFailsBeauty
We've done ALL protocols we are supposed to do. This is hurting our small businesses. Plus the mental health of our clients. "Just a haircut" is something that makes a person feel good. Yes, people dying of this horrible thing should be top priority & that is why our industry is doing everything it can to keep our clients safe. Please let us open!
Evidence has repeatedly shown transmission is extremely low in salons and esthetics. The only reason we are still closed isn't for medical reasons, it's because the politicians consider hair, beauty and esthetics to be expendable services, unnecessary and unneeded. This is an unfair decision.

At the current vaccine rates, it will be a very long time, many months, before Ontario reaches 20% fully vaccinated population. After almost 4 months out of work already this year, we cannot survive another 2+ months, for no good reason other than the whims of Ford. The government is already trying to cut us off of CRB payments and rent subsidies, while continuing to keep our businesses closed.

Esthetics are one of the few industries where we have very few if any options for revenue beyond in person services. We need help!

Stylist and barbers have all been trained in sanitation there is no reason we should be closed.
We need to open hair salons!
They are hard working people that follow they follow the Covid rules I feel safe there
Can't wait to reopen!!!

Enough is enough !!!!

Reopen my mother's salon!!
Let the beauty industry open we work with one person at a time. You have opened golf courses and are allowing 5 people from different homes to play together. Salons are safer than golf. We clean our area constantly. Stop this double standard
We deserve to work too, we are the most sanitized industry, we've jumped through every hoop asked of us and yet still here we are unemployed. I never realized how Invisible we are
We need to get back to work!
Stop this once and for all. We always get the bad end of the stick for everything. We are most professional and cleanest industry against all trades

It is time! You have my support 100%.

Thank you for taking the time to do something.

Much appreciated

Loredana Cerisano



I support the ABA

Come on Doug Ford.Do the right thing

Completely frustrated and disappointed how the government has handled Beauty Salon and Spa business. How redundant the government has been Dentist who work inside the mouth can work, the nurses doing Lip injections can work but beauty business who can work with client mask on cannot work. This is just not fair.
Enough is enough!
This is wrong, the hair salons are and have been the cleanest places around. After the first lockdown they went above and behond to comply with the protocols of sanitization. One on one with full mask and time between clients to clean. This was working fine. You need to understand people feel good when they have their hair done. Enough stress on people!!. Let us get our hair cut and coloured.
These people need to make a l7ving and all have families to support. We are safer there than in a big box store. Let these people go back to work. For them and for the mental health of others.
As a professional of 37 years and trained in proper sanitation, see no reason we can not be under the same conditions as other professionals , such as Dentists, Massage Therapists and Chiropractors .
Enough is enough we are all loosing our business
Open personal care businesses , they have all safety measures in place! Majority of the time a hairstylist stands behind the client!!! They are educated, certified, professionals!!!!
There is no reason for to shut your industry down there has not been any out breaks of Covid in a hair salon.When you go to the grocery store there is far more people there .We can manage how many people will enter your salon. There is seniors that depend on us to to do there hair .
Let them work and make a living
Thank you for keeping us closed. A lot of my clients are frustrated and finding somewhere else to go.
I support beauty salons to open NOW!!!!!!! They are one of the cleanest places you can go to, always sanitizing everything! Unlike big stores!
Let's get back into making people feel good and looking amazing
Enough is enough stop blowing out hot air.
Please allow hair salons to be open. I feel very safe in a salon, all protocols and safety precautions are being met there. I feel safer there, then at a big box department store.
BC hair industry has been open since May 2020, and we've been operating safely for the last year…why can't Ontario be open? it would be very interesting to see real scientific data from Doug Ford showing "transmission" from barbershops and salons. Masked up and distanced equals little to no transmission. Doug Fords decisions have destroyed the industry and the minimum amount of financial assistance pales in comparison to the vast amount of losses and livelihoods lost. Is there any shops left to open Mr. Ford??



This salon is always spic and span and is very covid conscious!! I consider it cleaner than most Dr's offices and it is ridiculous that we cannot get to have our grooming attended to.
I am a one person salon.I need and my clients need to get back into the salon.
Absolutely ridiculous salons cannot open in Stage 1, salons take more precautions that any grocery store or “essential” business I've seen yet.
I cannot believe that our industry has been slotted in with the likes of Canada's Wonderland's opening in stage 2. As for myself, you have made it so difficult that retirement is in the very near future…watch me now!!
Get barbers and hair stylist back to work with the allowance of one client per hour.
Please open salons and barbers they are for our sanity I feel safer there then going to store
Hairstyling must be consider as basic personal care services as they are part of a healthy self esteem most of the people get depressed pretty badly when they can not access to a hair salon or spa to relax and enjoying time sharing talks with hairstylists
Thanks for doing this …there is no data what's so ever to show the transmission of covid 19 through our industry!! Draconian Government we have ..remember when it comes election time again ….thanks Jeffrey
Hairstylists are the only trade that is required to pass sanitation and cleanliness protocol to acquire our licence which dues are annually paid. We can open safely.
Opened my medical based foot care business April 2019. Have been unable to get any sort of compensation for the months I have been closed. NO rent assistance, NOTHING!! Trying to hold on and not shut down but if this goes on past August……………………
We are safe! No transmissions in salons! Let us work!
I think we are treated very unfair when you could get a massage but you can't get a haircut.
Open us up
I have had my 1st vaccine and so has my stylist. We should be able to do business with masks and be safe.

Please reconsider the hold on reopening hair salons.

Please reopen personal care services. These are and always have been some of the safest places to visit.
Please let us Open , we have only been open 3 weeks this year
PLEASE let us open! I am 100 % on board for this!
This government methodical arrangement of the irrational lockdown in the hair and beauty industry has been an absolute disaster. It does not fit the metric patterns on how staunch salon owners and staff have been in protecting their clients by taking essential precautionary measures. Zero business revenue has culminated into bankruptcies trying to keep up leasing. A state of confusion for employees, families and salon owners experiencing the anguish of closing down after years of operation is taking its toll.
I've had to permanently close one salon and lay off 5 staff because of government restrictions and now only have my home based salon. (Only myself) I've been a Stylist for 44years I have been certified by Hamilton public Health in proper procedures in cleaning and sanitation. Have spent most of my career working in hospitals and long term care where I and my staff all followed all cleaning and sanitation procedures where and when required. I

Myself contacted MRSA while in a hospital for a throat and nose testing. After a very painful 6 month recovery 5 years ago I'm am even more particular about cleaning.

Only having 1 client at a time was working but not covering my bills. We provided a much needed service for people's mental and physical health. LET US BACK TO WORK!!!

Miss working!
Please reopen salons. They practice all the safety precautions/ protocols with one on one client stylist bookings. This is a needed service to maintain self esteem and good grooming practices. Would it help to limit service they can provide to strictly hair cuts rather than full service. Doing this would enable them to maintain their financial status/shop costs and employees working.
I have been a hairstylist for 34yrs. I disagree with personal care services being in lockdown while you can get your teeth cleaned, get a massage, go to a chiropractor etc, all while you are in close proximity. This is so unfair to our industry. We have been following cleaning and disinfecting protocols for yrs even before Covid19. We are licensed professional that pay our licenses fees very year. WE NEED to be OPEN so we in the beauty industry can support our families and the mental health of our clients.
How can I even buy a red balloon lol

I will be participating if I can find any balloons to purchase

Open salons enough is enough, they can only have a few in at a time and we wear masks.
Time for our industry to be respected for the licensed professional trade it is!
I am a one man salon I have been inconclated my clients are checking in with me to tell me they have been vaccinated…so why are we waiting for hot spots… recover its not fare…..after turn key I am making 100.00 a week….
This has been hard on all us! Our beauty industry has taken such a hit over this pandemic. And it truly breaks my heart!
Personal Care services goes hand in hand with mental wellness. Never has there been a greater need to support our community in their time of mental wellness and we have the knowledge and skill to do it safely. Please let us go back to work. What we do is far more then a pedicure or haircut.
I support the opening of salons.
Let us open! Our salons are safe! Prevent permanent closure of business!
Let me open or compensate me for 5 months of zero revenue while your government has mandated my business to be closed.
We support!!!!!
This is not fair .We cannot seat wait for the news to open us , give us 3 days to do months of clients .we have lost team member do to the mental health and we have had addiction issues .we have single moms who are not getting by .We have done our part to make sure everyone is safe .

We have been miss treated and this is not fair .

We need to go back to work…..mentally for ourselves and our clients!
Open up the Beauty industry, Please.!
Doug Ford has to resign.. he has made a terrible decision to shut personal care services and keep all his big business friends open!!' While the third wave went to 4000 cases per day..
I fully support the ABA and all the hard working professionals who have been denied making a living and helping their clients keep their sanity in this insane evil world right now
We have been under lockdown since November 21st 2020…we are tired of this long lockdown especially our salon is small and we can take customers one at a time …I don't know how many customers we already lost as they decided to let their hair go without colouring it and that's no good for us …I know safety comes first however it's to long of a lockdown our business is hurting 🙏🙏
Very proud to stand with you! Let's do this!
I/We, as an industry, have followed all protocols and guidelines directed by government and the health ministry, to no avail. We've invested insane amounts of money to maintain and upgrade our, already, safe salons. We've re-educated staff on protocols. Our clients are all aware of what we expect from them, because of the first lockdown.

No salons have transmitted cases of covid-19. We have control of the situation, yet here we are, still waiting for an opening date!


ENOUGH!!!… statistics show that the personal service industry is NOT the area in which the virus is primarily spread….and by the way, nice fresh haircut!!!
No more lockdowns!
Have been closed for basically a whole year. Financial support hasn't been enough to provide for bills, groceries and family. There has been extreme measures taken place before lockdown to ensure ultimate safety.
I'm in support of this !
Fighting for my business and overall livelihood!!
We are a small tattoo shop and with you!
We are a safe industry. Peoples need us to feel good !
Stop the insanity
I feel more secure and protected in my salon than in most of the stores that are allowed to be open. Get them open so that these self employed people can get back to work and make a living again. We need our hair cut and nails done.
We need to open! We are a Professionals trade & have all regulations and safety standards in place. Three shutdowns are hurting our industry and our clients.

Heather Wenman ceo STUDIO H Artist Group 🎈🎈🎈

Standing with salon professionals across Ontario!
Enough is enough let us open! There have not been any cases in the Personal service industry!
Open safer then all the other things people do like grocery shopping
Enough is enough we need to get back to work.. we are well versed in sterilization and sanitization let us work and feed our families. Enought businesses have permanently closed. Do your home work we are NOT a part of the problem and the data proves it
This is absolutely ridiculous keeping the salons CLOSED especially when chiros and dentists are open – These salons are spotless – my hairdresser has followed all the protocols for customer safety! please OPEN THEM NOW
At Shear Flair Debbie does an excellent job at keeping the salon sanitized. Only 1 person allowed in at a time and everyone wearing masks etc. Much different situation than walking down a street in Toronto where there are many people meeting and passing people and some people not even wearing a mask. Start having measures in by region where the covid is not running rapid.
I'm tired of the "Boys Club" in the government of Ontario pretending they protect the rights of women. As provincial Red Seal Licensed Trade of nearly 30 000, over 80% of which are women, we have been ignored, belittled or altogether forgotten! Is this happening to the other Male dominated trades! Not a chance! Boys stick together. Meanwhile, female politicians sit silent while elitist male politicians talk to us like we're uneducated airheads,incapable of understanding infection control and the complexities of governance! As a veteran stylist of 24 years, a brand educator for a large hair corporation, I seem to have no trouble communicating and being respected by my highly educated clientele. But the complete and total lack of respect from both provincial and federal politicians has left me no doubt that identitying as "female" means I'm less of a person. Not a single elitist female politician can convince me otherwise. Ontario government has now created black market salons, of which, many Ontario politicians are making use of. (Don't think we talk to each other?) Government of Ontario! This is not acceptable! SEXISM AND MISOGYNY are not ACCEPTABLE in ONTARIO! I DEMAND you treat and speak to the nearly 30 000 Licensed Hair Professionals in Ontario with DIGNITY and RESPECT! I DEMAND the opportunity to WORK safely and be treated FAIRLY!

Amy Overton

Let me work. I do everything you have asked me to do and now I will loose my business if I can't open .
Reopen salons. They are safer then some business
We are the safest business out there. I don't know 1 person who wouldn't say they feel safer with us one on one than going to Costco! People in the Personal care sector are losing there businesses
I'm a single mom of 3 who owns a salon that expanded 6 weeks prior to the first lockdown. I need the lockdown lifted to support my family and stay in business.
Salons and other personal service workers can and have always worked safely. sanitation was always been a part of their routine and its possible to keep masks on while providing any of those services. These small businesses are an integral part of the community.
Let our licensed, health and safety conscience, contact tracing industry resume our income by allowing us to making people beautiful again.
This Salon has been closed down twice since the beginning of this pandemic. I am a patron of this salon. During the interim pandemic access these hard working businesswomen forced us, their clients to remain in our cars til called. Don't bring in food or beverages; wear masks, etc. If Doug Ford had taken the time to verify these practises, there wouldn't have been a need to lockdown the 2nd time. Get your head out of the sand Doug Ford and observe, ask questions and make the intelligent choices!
Salons need to reopen. Brian has been in business for 40 years.
I have had ENOUGH! My family left Quebec to Ontario 7yrs ago for a better life. Now THIS??? Covid couldn't have been predicted, but Ford could have done a MUCH better job of treating us far more fairly!!! Our services are FAR SAFER are FAR cleaner than any restaurant or store and how is it that we are the ones closed and unemployed? It lacks any kind of logic!!

It REEEEKS of misogyny! Put the women out of work so they can stay in the kitchen, that's what it smells like to me! An Industry that is dominated by women is the one that is hardest hit DESPITE our safety standards and our statistics clearly indicating how much safer we are. Tell me that I'm wrong? The facts are certainly pointing in that direction….

Please make your decisions based on statistics of where spread is happening, if you did, salons would be open.
Open up salons!!! The salon I go to only allows one person at a time. I have to be masked, the hairdresser is masked so why can't they by open. I have a bigger chance of catching the vid at Walmart then I do at my hairsalon.
Open the salons! Enough is enough. People are vaccinated. Tower will follow COVID precautions.
I believe Hair Salons should have opened by now and should not have to wait until after July 9th. With proper precautions we, as patrons will be safe and it also helps our mental health to be able to participate in some self care. Hair salons should not be treated as equivalent to nail salons.
I am in owner of 5 franchise hair salons. I employ 40 devastated hairstylists some of which have been forced to find jobs out of their field to provide for their families. Facing evictions from their homes needed employment ASAP. The lock downs have got to stop.

It's not right or fair that hair salons are not allowed to open in this first stage of Ontario's reopening.

Salons have practiced appropriate cleaning and sanitization techniques prior to any pandemic lock down and when asked to, we were able to do even more. We are able to keep clients correctly socially distanced as well, which is more than you can say about many places. It's a fact that we are are able to maintain cleaning and safety standards as well, perhaps better, than many other businesses that are currently allowed to be open.

There are no documented cases of COVID-19 being spread through a salon, so it's unfair that we have to remain closed. Many salon owners and their employees are facing dire financial consequences. I urge the government to reconsider their decision and allow salons to reopen. 🎈

Enough is enough closed 9 mths out 14, refused business grants, the little 900 bi-weekly we get isn't enough to cover are basic essentials like a rough over our heads and food.
I feel safer at my salon than at the grocery store. Salons follow the rules, grocery stores don't
The north is ready and safe STOP TRAVEL into our area
Love this so much!! This has gone on for far too long, the beauty industry has been bullied, and this needs to come to an end
Let salons open! It's ridiculous people can golf and do recreational activities, but can't get a hair cut. Honest hard working individuals are struggling to survive!
I can go to Walmart, but not my hair salon! That's insanity!
You need to recognized that hair dresser are essential. Open up ontario
Please reopen all the salons! People need to get back to work!
We have are a Spa+Salon with 16 team members, all out of a job since April 3,2021. We have done our part and more with being caution during this pandemic and we are more protected and protecting our clients and customers than any other small business.


All the hair salons need to open sooner not keeping the delay till June 5 – what's the difference with the massages, chiropractors, therapists and dentals close to the masks. The hairdressers have masks and plastic gloves, also wipes with Lysol lemon all chairs, sinks and etc every time after the clients leave. It's unfair and think about
Please open my salon. They work on appt only and follow proper PPE and safety precautions. Always more than 6 feet apart and only ever two clients and hairstylists in shop at one time. July 5th opening is ridiculous when safer than a grocery store!!
It's not just about beauty, it's self esteem and confidence that's faltering because of this. I feel safer at my salon where it's one on one than going to the grocery store. I'm sick and tired of looking sick and tired. Let these professionals do what they have been trained to do.
I am a single mom of 2 and hair salon owner. I am one of the thousands effected by these closures. Closures need to stop so we can survive. The Ontario government has dismissed our industry far too long. It is time to stop this discrimination
These business owners need to open and get back on track to help our economy..most importantly get their income back after These lockdowns.
Come on Mr ford, I can get my dogs hair cut but not mine. Give these salon and beauty businesses a chance. So many have had to close their doors
Necessary to support! I stand with all salon professionals 🎈
These are essential to the mental health of their clients. Small business is so important to their communities and the economy.
If I can go shopping at Walmart…which by the way…Tellers are not wearing Masks…when they definetly should…or shouldn't be working in the Public. Canadian Tire and a Dentist for shit sakes there is no reason why if proper masking is done I can't go for a Haircut. Especially when Massage Appts. are still allowed. Stop this crap and reopen Hair Services.
Please, please open salons, even if you open them and limit the number of people, say max 4 people. Two clients and two hairdressers. At least this way we can get our services and provide pay for the stylists. Large salons will just have to schedule their staff alternately.
Get us back to work. This is ridiculous.
When will this stupidness end
Open all salons
This is just wrong keeping them closed. I feel safer at my hair salon than at Costco. Let them open up. My gal is a single operator , and so am I and we clean , follow proper protocols so let us OPEN up.
Wishing you all the best. If there is one industry that adheres to the protocols, it is Beauty Salons. For one thing, you all follow strict guidelines for safety and cleanliness. Secondly, in most cases you know your clientele and would not allow strangers into your premises. I think it is ridiculous to keep the Salons closed. I would venture to guess that most hairstylists and barbers are in effect "Self employed", and this must be a hardship for all of you. The governments handling of the pandemic has been atrocious and not at all well-thought out. Fingers crossed the common sense will prevail. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU.
Enough is's time for these small businesses to go back to work .. they have been hurt enough.
If golf can open so can a salon… you sir are a waste of space in the position you are in…a blowhard who is only in it for the money… all politicians are over paid, but you take the cake… no doubt!
Please let the beauty industry open im in dire need of services
We need to allow salons and beauty shops to remain open enough is enough I can't cut my own hair without messing it up open them all up!
I am a hairstylist at beauty and babes. I have been in the industry for 5 years. I love my job and I want to get back to work as soon as possible #fordfailsbeauty.
Open up the personal care salons as we to need to feel good about ourselves and you are not letting us do that. They too need to live and pay bills. Please think about our well being and help us get back to feeling good about ourselves.
One year of not being able to work? If you can shop for new clothes at a mall during covid we should be able to work. Spas and salons take health and safety courses in college! Let us work under restrictions, we have family's and bills to pay.
I worked 10 days this whole year On your base lockdown started six weeks before Toronto's this year



If I can get a massage why can I not get a haircut? Small salons need to open before we lose more of them!
All around the world, even in regions with higher case loads than Ontario, salons and barbershops have been open with careful screening and protective measures, many beyond what is happening at massage therpay clinics and chiropractors, both deemed essential. In these areas, there has been zero to minimal viral spread. This industry has the ability to be open in a professional manner that keeps people safer than the underground haircut culture happening in garages and kitchens with little to no protection. Driving this industry underground has made viral spread more likely while drastically reducing taxes being paid by emplotees and businesses. Jobs have been lost, lives ruined and all because decisions were made for political and economic factors rather than medical or scientific evidence. The Ontario government must focus more on closing facilities with large and ongoing case counts rather than close an industry that has proven safe in every region outside Ontario.
You need to open the salons so the golfers can get their hair cut.
Let them open.. Enough is enough!!
We are essential , we create a safe , atmosphere for clients to feel and look great. Which improves mental health This is a no brainer ! Not sure what the reason they keep limping us into these unsafe categories. Pure ignorance on the part of our government ! Open Ontario hair salons !
Lets show our support for our industry.We need to be moved to phase 1 we are safe.
Enough with the crap Ford.

Get small business back up and running!!

We are essential. Enough is enough. Doug Ford has made enough money during this pandemic. It's time to let the people who allowed you to represent us back to work. Fuck you doug 🖕🏻
Someone needs to look at the science and the transmission rate in Salons! Seriously do we have NO one with that kind of intelligence? And they continue to say it is safer for hundreds to shop at Walmart and Costco with very little protection!
If essential business like grocery and LCBO/Beer store can be open with safety protocols and I can have me teeth cleaned and a massage, there is no reason why hairstylists and estheticians can't be open!! They are a professional trade and had disinfection protocols long before Covid!!
The only trades not allowed to open. Ridiculous! Social distance practices easily applied!
This salon can only do one person at a time ,no reason why it could not be allowed to open ,
Enough is enough. Let us go back to work and do what we love to do. Safety is out number one issue and priority , and as we have proven in the past we are an essential business. Let us live our lived to the fullest. Enough is enough. 😷
My name is Ann Laframboise and I am the owner of Raven Flare hair salon in North Bay Ontario. I opened in august of 2020 therefore not Eligible for the small business grant as apparently Mr. Ford site that anybody who chooses to open a business during a pandemic shouldn't be rewarded or given any type of grant we are safer then any other store please open
Let hair salons reopen, they are safe!
This small salon only has 3 chairs. If opened will only have one person in at a time. They are struggling and trying to keep a float. Please consider reopening these salons. Truly they are much safer than the numbers at the grocery store, Walmart and Costco.

Thank you for your time.

Unemployed and not essential. Thanks dougie.
Stop the HOT AIR ..Hair Salons take all the extra precautions to protect their clients…More people vaccinated…more restrictions,,does not add up
You have left the beauty and personal care industry down. This includes all people of Ontario who use these services Those in the industry will never get back what they have lost. Some may have no choice but to close. My salon has followed all protocols and went above and beyond what your government and our health unit mandated when they were able to open. This is NOT right. You have failed them, and us. Reconsider!
Enough is Enough!! "Let Salons Open"
I am tired of this extended time. Can't survive with out working , open our salon. Enough is enough
I have been a stylist for 31 years and love what i do. My partner and i opened a new shop Aug 2020 and have followed all safety procedures when we where able to be open, we are extremely worried, we have not received ANY help from the government!!!! We have monthly loan payments for our set up, bills from our rental space. We need help!!!!!!!!! Please let us open our doors again
We've been open only 5 weeks in 2021! We need to be reopened now!
Salon owners and stylists need to be earning wages. Open salons! This can be done safely. There is little evidence salons have contributed to the spread of covid.
Open the salons. They have made themselves so safe. It doesn't make sense that public places like Canada wonderland that have no ability to sanitize or trace .. and safe salons are not. You are destroying these business.
I have many dear friends and loved ones who need to get back to earning a living. They rely on their businesses to feed their families, to pay their bills…to make a difference in other's lives. It's good for mental health when we can go to a salon. And if these amazing people lose their business, their mental health will be compromised.
Let us work. We are safe.
Open up salons! They are essential!
Hey @dougfordnation

Salons are not the same as amusement parks! There are no crowds or line ups; our salons are inspected and staff are all trained in sanitation, biological hazards, and cross contamination. Our guests and staff are masked and 6 ft apart from other service providers. Our stations are sanitized between EVERY guest, which is more than hospitals, doctors offices and lab waiting areas. We use barbicide, clippercide, bleach, 70% & 90% alcohol & CS20 to sanitize (even before Covid!) We are and always have been a safe environment! Let us Re-open !

So Costco , Walmart , grocery stores .. dentist , nurseries (which are packed ) no sanitizing no sign in and no counting on amount of ppl that go in. But it's not okay to open salons where we sign in , sanitize after every client We have been shut down for 6 months … a lot of small businesses have fallen threw the cracks and have had 0 help from the govt … thank u for ruining small businesses … we are not in this together cause u have received 2 pay increases and have not missed one paycheck cap this has NOT AFFECTED U AT ALL … since this bs has started where I have been with out … pretty sure u can sleep at night cause u have no worries how u are going to support your family and keep a roof over there head … shame on u for profiting off of our looses … pretty nice that u have increased your business by 52,000,000 wow. Your pathetic … lost my vote I'm ashamed to be called a Canadian right now ..u and Trudeau have destroyed , controlled for your own gain karmas a bitch and I hope it bites u both hard … fed up with this plandemic.
I stand with the professional salon industry. It's time to put words into action and let them open.
Please allow salons and spas to reopen

They are highly trained in health and safety and are a much safer place for citizens one on one then in large box stores

Thank you

It's time to stop penalizing the beauty industry who has never been a source of Covid spread and has easy ability to serve customers while following protocols.
We want to go back to work enough is enough
First thank you to the Beauty Association for putting this together so our voices can be heard!

Our industry deserves far more respect than what it has been given. We make positive differences in lives on such a deep level in so many ways by being stylists that not only are we being disrespected immensely but also our clients as well. Our industry is a red seal industry and as far as I'm aware the only red seal undustry not allowed to operate, our industry is in the top 3 with in the trades and we are not allowed to operate, this makes no sense what's so ever. We even before this pandemic, had high standards to follow in sanitizing/distinction measures, customer service measures, safety measures, first aid if and when necessary, continual training and more as we are visited by our boards of health without notice to be sure all these standards are met, and these measures have been even more so after we have spent time and money to bring the bar higher to be able to reopen back in 2020. That bar has not sifted it is still currently in effect. In this year of 2021 we have only operated a total of six weeks, some of us less because of school closures that then also affected us as parents to follow the procedures outlined in such an event. Yes there is cerb but that is not our career, let's be very honest here in saying "we'd rather be at work"! The lack of respect and acknowledgment to our industry when we have many times approached the government not only with our questions and concerns is to say the least repulsive. We are an industry that has to pay a license enforced by yes you the government, to legally be operating and yet you dismiss us as though we are nothing. Show us the numbers, the science in where we are considered such a liability during covid19, there is extremely little to point in our direction and yet we are targeted, belittled and disrespected in such a way that one can't help but take it personally. OPEN SALONS BACK UP. Why not on June 3rd?

Let us open
Being off for 6 months is insane, but you will let people work in factories and warehouses. Hairstylist are trained professionals and have sanitation training more so than any other trade.
Open up
hey rob.. id really like to feed my kids pay my mortgage and earn a living.

we have had VERY FEW covid cases in our industry yet we are still used as an example.

I'm watching my colleagues sink. commit suicide. die from overdoses. mental health is just as important as physical..

why can't we safely work? we have been following the rules. yet we still are closed?! but wal mart is open?!

We need to open. We have families to feed and bills to pay, enough is enough!
Enough is enough! Salons don't spread COVID!
Please reopen hair and nail salons. There hasn't been one case of Covid 19 or transmission to the community. They sanitize continually. I know they are safer than big box stores and to me they are an essential service.
Please open immediately…they need to support themselves and families

You can go-to a Dentist , but not a salon where they are much safer

It's safer to be in my salon getting a haircut than it is to be in Wal-Mart. Stop attacking the hard working people in this industry that constantly clean and sanitize everything throughout the day. There's been more COVID cases attached to big book stores than there's been attached to personal care services. Close the big box stores that don't follow protocols. Mr Ford if you truly cared about hairstylists you wouldn't have had your daughter giver you a haircut while I've been in lockdown forced to struggle financially against my choice. I'm willing to go back to work are you willing to admit you screwed up?
You have failed us yet again. Everything is opening back up at limited capacity yet we have to stay closed. Please explain how this is even right??
Let's get salons open! Our wonderful hairdressers and Salon owners know how to keep their work environment safe.. Disinfecting, wearing PPE equipment and following all the rules = the reason for so few cases in salons.
Open up hair salons and barber shops!! I cant understand the issue we are sble to go to the dentist bit not get a haircut. My hair dresser went over and above to keep us safe. This is ridiculous!!!
Again another mistake made by Ford. This place follows all the necessary Covid Protocol and you don't give them the respect they deserve.
Mr Ford, you've kept the salons closed for over 6 months with no proof that our industry was responsible for transmission of Covid. You are killing our industry, an industry where the majority us women. We followed all the guidelines you imposed, ENOUGH, WE NEED TO REOPEN NOW!!!! We need to make a living!!!!
Hair salons one of the first places that sanitize before the pandemic and salons never had any Breakout , we've been taking all precautions distancing and sanitizing by appointment only I think we've been doing good in our salons we should be one of the first businesses to reopen
I am safe, let me prove!
My message is that hair salons are very essential , when people get haircuts and colours and talk with their hairdresser and have that intimate relationship and then walk out of the salon with confidence and looking good and lighter, well that's essential this is about mental health and my customers, this is absolutely absurd why we can't work, How far u take my livelihood away from me , sham on the government
I would like public health to show evidence and clinical peer review studies to prove the statistics are true.
We need to get back to work. It's not far that we are loosing income and falling behind on bills, rent. We cannot survive on $1800 a month. I'm a single woman trying to survive in all this. I got a eviction notice from my landlord because I can't afford to pay all my rent. It's taking a toll on my mental health. We need to get back to work simple as that.
Hairstyling is a regulated licensed trade in Ontario. I know how to keep myself, staff and guests safe and protected while within my business.

There has been no major covid outbreaks in hair salons.

Do better Ford. Open us up so that we can put food on our tables and pay our bills. Or, provide adequate assistance.

Stop this insanity , and let's get back to what we do best ! Ford you've been a huge disappointment to the beauty industry and small businesses in Ontario . You've lost my vote !!!
These places can be opened safely with public health measures in place. How many cases of covid can be linked to these businesses?
Please open up nonessential shopping. What you deem nonessential is essential for others. Why punish the folks following the rules with YOUR overbearing rules.

Salons should be open by June 15th. I would rather in store shopping for nonessential items be reinstated immediately because it does not pose an additional risk.

Do understand that being in close proximity to a stylist will compromise our health if one person involved is COVID positive without symptoms.