Robin Barker | Beauty Beats Artist Profile

Robin Barker was born in England of Royal Stewart blood and the son of a successful lawyer. He started his hairdressing career in London, England in the sixties and was managing a salon within two years. He immigrated to Canada, working diligently to build a successful multi-decade career as an internationally renowned stylist.

While his career followed the path of hair artistry, Robin was surrounded by music from the very start. Barker wrote his first song in 1964, at a bus stop in Calgary, Alberta in -105F weather.

For 20 years Robin was the chairman and founder of the Scissors Open, the Gus Caruso Memorial Golf Tournament, which was charity driven on behalf of the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Still in his charitable leaning, this time as a composer, Robin has produced a CD of his songs. All proceeds from the sale of this sponsored effort were donated to the Stephen Lewis Foundation for children affected by AIDS in East Africa. On November 15th 2010, Robin celebrated his 50 years in hairdressing in a wonderful show, also launching his musical CD, What are the Children Worth.

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