Our Story


Our History

The ABA is the only National Canadian association working for you – the Beauty Professional. For 86 years the Allied Beauty Association, a non profit membership organization; staffed with a few permanent employees supporting an elected board of directors along with a handful of task force groups and advisory councils comprised of our corporate and professional members; has been dedicated to supporting and educating Beauty Professionals across Canada through educational events, competitions and on-line/on-demand content. 

Our Goal

The ABA’s ultimate goal of raising the standards of our professional beauty industry, comes from the support and participation of our members. Our mission is to act as one national voice representing all Canadian beauty professionals; defending the rights of the professional beauty industry and speaking on our members’ behalf on government regulatory changes affecting our industry.

Our Essence

Together with our members, comprised of industry professionals, owners, distributors, manufacturers and schools, we are committed to growing, uplifting and improving our industry.

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. 


Our Values




As the sole Canadian national non-profit beauty professional association, ABA Canada provides a united voice, both nationally and provincially, for all Canadian beauty professionals. We provide the Canadian beauty professional a platform to voice their needs and initiate change at the Provincial and Federal levels.
Our board is comprised of beauty professionals, beauty establishment owners, distributors of professional beauty products, manufacturers, and schools. Working with the board are several committees and advisory councils comprised of ABA Professional Members. The aim is to create a communication loop between every member involved in our industry, allowing for informational flow, innovative leaps and progressive and sustained change.



Inclusion is a global societal goal; one which ABA Canada wants to ensure becomes a permanent part of the Canadian beauty industry at all levels. An approach that addresses the issue from all points, education, distribution, manufacturing, professional individuals and owners. This means changing our paradigms from the beauty professional to the brands and distributors behind them.

ABA Canada has brought together professionals from our industry to create an Inclusion Council, whose sole task is to make our industry inclusive of all. The primary method of action will be through education; once we educate, we can change. In the coming months, the council will develop a plan to educate our nation on inclusion from student to seasoned professional.



The ABA in an active advocate for the industry; drawing attention to important issues and helping direct decision-makers to a solution. We do this by providing representation with committees comprised of beauty pros, owners, distributors, and manufacturers and then mobilizing information to help empower the industry to drive change with decision-makers.

By joining the ABA, you join us in our advocacy efforts. Recently, with the help of our member base, we assisted the industry through the COVID-19 shut down and developed an inclusion council to address needed change in our industry. We take the voiced concerns of our members and bring it to Federal and Provincial levels to incite needed change.



Lobbying is the final step of any advocacy endeavor. We utilize our network of contacts and resources to influence and instigate action on issues that concern our constituents and require resolve as identified. The larger our member base, the stronger the influence we can exert leading to more prompt responses.

We have actively lobbied during COVID-19 and are currently lobbying to ensure the beauty industry is permitted to stay open in the event there is a second shut down. Add your name to our member base to put have your voice heard by Canadian Provincial and Federal governments.

Board of Directors (2020 – 2021)


On June 22nd 2020 at the Annual General Meeting of the Allied Beauty Association (ABA Canada), the voting members have ratified the 2020 – 2021 Board of Director and confirmed the re-election of Sandra Fiore as the continuing Chairperson and the re-election of Vince Riverso as Vice-Chairperson and of Kevin O’Reagan as Treasurer for the association.

The Allied Beauty Association is really proud to welcome 6 new Board Members

In the Manufacturers Category we are welcoming:

  • Jeff Alford – CEO CBON Group of Companies – National – based in Ontario
  • Shelley Murphy – Commercial Excellence Director – L’Oréal Professional Products Division

In the Distributor Category we are welcoming

  • Dave Basi – Vice President Sales of Oriac Group Head Quarters in Alberta, Dave based in Ontario

In the School / Franchise / Chain / Single Business Category we are welcoming

  • Dominique Brisebois – Propriétaire Atmosp’hair Coiffure – Gatineau QC
  • Kim Schottler – Director of Industry Relations of Great Clips – Canada and USA –Minneapolis
  • Heather Wenman – CEO of Studio H Artist Group – Salon and Medical Spa in London ON

Our past chair Tiffanie Pitimada, Revlon Professional Director of Education North America, is staying on as a non-voting board member and will continue to provide advice and coaching to new board members and support both our Chair and Vice-Chair. Finally; Gordon Greenwood, Senior Partner at McClaren Corlett Ottawa, will continue to provide his expert legal counsel to the ABA.

Board of Directors

(2020 – 2021)


Sandra Fiore, Fiore + Greco Designs


Vince Riverso, Venus beauty supplies


Kevin O’Regan, O’Regan Agencies

Legal counsel

Gordon greenwood

Executive director

Alain Audet


Melissa Daniels – Dermalogica – Toronto, ON

Jeff Alford – CBON group – Mississauga, ON

Shelley murphy – L’Oréal professional products – Montréal, QC


Vince Riverso – venus beauty supplies – Mississauga, ON

Edward slatterly – capilex beauté – Québec, QC

Dave Basi – oriac – Edmonton, AB

Associate suppliers

Sandra Fiore, Fiore + Greco design – vaughan, ON

Business owners / schools / multi-door operators

Heather Wenman – studio h artist group – London, ON

Dominique Brisebois – owner Atmosp’hair Coiffure – Gatineau, QC

Kim Schottler – great clips – Edmonton, AB

Cosmetologists / beauty professionals

Megan Gustafson, Mane Street Hair – Saskatoon, SK

Advisory Councils (2020 – 2021)

Manufacturers Council

Jeff Alford – CBON Group –

Louis Billera – Beauty By Imagination

Melissa Daniels – Dermalogica

Laura De Sousa – Kao Salon Division

Marianne Medeiros – Coty Professional

Shelley Murphy – L’Oréal Professional Products Group

Tiffanie Pitimada – Revlon Professional

Serge Verreault – Laboratoire Dr Renaud

Distributor Council

Dave Basi – Oriac – AB

Fran Bigelow – Modern Beauty National

Jason Goncalves – Permabrands – ON

Sebastien Perron – Concept Jp – QC

Vince Riverso – Venus Beauty Supplies – ON

Edward Slattery – Capilex Beauté – QC

Paul Williams – Williams Beauty – ON

Nellie Zhang – Nellie’s Hair Emporium – ON

Associate Suppliers Council

Sandra Fiore, Fiore Greco Designs – ON

Alexandria Scaramuzzo – Beauty Besty – ON

Pascal Sauvageau, Pascal & Jérémie Concepts – QC

Business Owners / Schools / Multi-Door Operators Council

Joe Cairo, Mc College – AB/BC/MB

Rocco Camponaro, Axcess Salon & Spa – ON

Kellie-Ann Philbin, Ludik Coiffure – QC

Kim Schottler, Great Clips – National

Starlette Tolver, The House Of Miss Rose – BC

Barb Sims, Chatters Canada – National

Heather Wenman, Studio H London ON

Cosmetoglogist / Beauty Professionals Council

Megan Gustafson – SK

Anthony Zaccaria – ON

Jessica Hoach – ON

Mj Deziel – QC

Simon James – BC

Mark Peyton – Atlantic

If you have any questions please get in touch!