PPE Supplies

Below is a list of PPE and sanitation suppliers. Please note that this list is now exhaustive but does include sources for supplies that are readily available to professionals in the industry.

We are sharing the information below, please note we do not sell any PPE or sanitation supplies ourselves, nor can we answer any questions about the below suppliers inventory or orders. Contact each supplier directly to find our more.

Dr Renaud joins the rank of the ABA Manufacturer Membership.

Offering this Covid-19 protection kits to all professionals, salon, barbers, spa, aesthetic studios and nail bars.

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Available at professional beauty distributors all across Canada!


to find out a distributor located near you.


Capilex has a list of PPE and sanitation supplies listed in the brochure below.

Please download it to place your orders.

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Pearlon has a list of PPE and sanitation supplies. Click above to view catalogue on their site.

Call to order or click below to visit the Pearlon website or call using the number below.

Toll Free: 1-800-334-6270

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McCarthy Uniforms has been serving Canadian workplaces, schools and other institutions with everything they need to work and learn for over 60 years.

Download the complete PPE brochure below.

Number: 1-416-593-6900

Email: [email protected]

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Concept JP has an extensive list of sanitation and PPE items. Please download the brochure below to place orders.

To Order you can:

Call our customer service at 1.800.795.2595 or

Email order at [email protected]

As well, use the web site: WEBSITE HERE

Nellies Hair Emporium Logo

Call 1-888-985-2286

Or click below to visit the webiste.


Place orders on tribalscissor.com. You can use the button below to download the brochure.

Proudly made in Canada, with 5 minute dwell time.

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Belvedere Maletti has proudly been part of the beauty industry since 1927. Download their complete PPE brochure to get your self, salon or spa ready for your clients.

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Help prevent the spread with Modern Beauty.

Download the full PPE brochure below.