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Before opening the Wilde Cutting Club in 2019, Jeremy had spent 5 years in the barbering industry. With a passion for human connection and helping people feel their most confident, he quickly made a name for himself in his hometown of Montreal as well, on social media. With a natural talent for scissor cuts and longer men’s hair, it was no surprise that he won the best Traditional Cut in Canada in 2017. Through this title he began educating barbers and hairstylists across the province, sharing his greatest passion with like-minded people. After managing a local barbershop, Jeremy quickly identified flaws in the industry from fair pay to employee benefits. This lead him to create WCC, where the business structure is centered around employee insurance, fair rates, employee growth and, creating a safe environment for everyone.

Throughout 2020 and all of its hurdles, Jeremy had the time to reflect on the barbering industry and how present the gender divide is in hair salons. With his business forced to be closed for a total of 6 months, he took this time to take a new direction that will curate all communities…a gender-free hair salon, all humans welcome.

Seeing the industry through a gender-neutral point of view, Jeremy is revamping his ways of teaching longer hairstyles from shags to a traditional cut while keeping gender out of the conversation.

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