The Allied Beauty Association (ABA Canada) issues a position statement for 3 common issues regarding retail sales during the COVID-19 containment period.

Wednesday April 8th, 2020

The Allied Beauty Association (ABA Canada) issues a position statement for 3 common retailing issues during the COVID-19 confinement period.

The Allied Beauty Association understands that everyone in the professional beauty products industry is facing difficult financial times, pressure from clients to supply them with products, and peer pressure from other professionals who are bending the rules. Having our beauty professionals and the personal beauty services business owners best interests at heart, and taking into consideration all municipal, provincial and federal guidelines related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Allied Beauty Association is issuing the following 3 position statements and recommendations to all beauty professionals.

  • Retailing rinse off and leave in hair products, makeup, nail polish/lacquer, skin care, tools, accessories and implements

The Allied Beauty Association expresses concerns about this practice and recommends that business owners stay regularly informed about ever changing municipal, provincial and federal social distancing and safe delivery guidelines and rules (curb side, commercial courier etc.). We understand that under these conditions, retailing could be a good way to maintain client contact and at the same time earn some much-needed revenue. However, we strongly encourage you to ensure that you comply with any relief program restrictions in terms of personal income derived from those sales to avoid disqualifying yourself or facing fines and penalties. We ask that you please contract your distributors and manufacturers to understand what programs, offers or ideas them may offer to assist.

  • Home colour kits

The Allied Beauty Association strongly advises against professional beauty businesses selling professional chemical products (pre-mixed, portioned whether mixed or not, full tubes etc.). We know this is difficult because your clients are asking for color products and other professionals are supplying them, but professional products are packaged and labelled for professionals and not for retail purposes and require the appropriate training to apply them. By way of example only, the colour packaging does not include a full ingredient nomenclature, complete usage instructions, allergy warnings and safety warnings, let alone protective gear, all of which are required when selling to consumers.

Moreover, in selling these items, you are incurring risks as well. For example, you may assume a greater obligation, and liability, for your client’s safety, which we understand can possibly result in some insurance companies denying coverage to colourists/salons.

Another risk that you may face is the lack of understanding on who will ultimately use your product and how. (For more examples, we ask that you look at the Q&A’s that we have compiled for you.)

Therefore, the ABA strongly suggests that you inform yourselves and understand the consequences of selling these products for your and your clients first before offering these products for home use.

  • “Professional Use Only” and other back bar/cabin products?

There are skin care (like chemical peels) / artificial nails / hair dyes / waving / straightening / eyelash adhesives and other products for which Health Canada has required to be labelled as PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY or FOR APPLICATION BY TRAINED PROFESSIONALS ONLY. As with Colour home colour kits, the Allied Beauty Association strongly advises against professional beauty businesses selling these products to consumers.

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